The Water Cooler ~ Obama’s Syria Stategy: Forward, I Mean About Face

    The president just announced that he will now get authorization from Congress for the limited military operation he was about to commence in Syria. This about-face is shocking and I can’t imagine what the implications are for our allies and enemies. Personally, I thought he, Biden and Kerry were the biggest hypocrites for wanting to act alone and without Congressional approval, after they bashed Bush constantly, including | Read More »

    Thirteen Presidents

    Having lived under 13 Presidents–some great like Reagan, some weak like Carter–one dangerous yet comical–Obama, let’s vote conservative in 2010 and 2012 for leaders like Ken Buck from CO.   See

    The No-To Guy

    Today has not been a good day for our president in terms of his coverage overseas. In an analysis piece entitled Why everyone is saying no to Obama, Amir Mizroch at the Jerusalem Post recounts the many ways that foreign leaders — the Saudi royals, Dear Leader Kim, Mahmoud Abbas, the Iranian Mullahs, even friends like Benyamin Netanyahu — are beating our president like a | Read More »


    Our Naked Emperor: Russia Claims Georgian Mortar Attack

    Something ominous is happening in South Ossetia. Russian officials are claiming that Georgia fired mortars into South Ossetia. Georgia denies any such action and is claiming that Russia is looking for a pretext to justify more aggression. This is story is breaking. According to the AP: In Moscow, the Defense Ministry said in a statement after the reported mortar attack: “In the event of further | Read More »

    What does it make you when the French call you weak?

    Seriously, I’d like to know. From the Times Online.