A thought on the GOP and Technology

    I originally posted this on the GOP Tech Summit site but thought it may make sense here too. Better use of technology is clearly of prime importance to bring the Republicans back to prominence but I have a few reasons for pause that we must overcome to fully utilize this technology: 1. Coolness. Do people feel passionate enough about the Republican Party to share their | Read More »

    Steele: Get the RNC Web Site Fixed!

    Open letter to the eCampaign folks at www.gop.com Alas, the GOP web site at www.gop.com has a few good ideas, but they are currently poorly, poorly implemented.  The GOP has a pretty fair idea in allowing one to set up your own web site/blog at whatever-your-id.gop.com – however their whole platform is so buggy, it’s going to result in more harm than good.  I’ll just hit | Read More »

    Let’s have an overnight thread

    If you are on Twitter, this is me on Twitter. This is RedState. This is me on Facebook. This is RedState’s Facebook Group. Now, what about you?

    The Top Five Under-Reported FREEDOM Causes

    (Note we call ourselves Freedomists, a “Freedomist” is anyone whose focus is on advancing and defending freedom before self interest, partisan gain, or any other thing) William R Collier Jr http://www.freedomist.org While we consider ourselves to be an under-reported worthy causes (www.freedomist.com www.freedomist.org www.afn50.com http://57thstate.ning.com) THIS list and review is for the TOP FIVE under-reported worthy causes that we think SHOULD garner the active attention | Read More »

    The Websters’ Dictionary (Ralph Benko)

    William R Collier Jr.The American Freedomist Network www.freedomist.org *Do you want to transform your world? * Let’s start with the basics. What does it mean to transform? According to Merriam-Webster online, transform means: 1 a: to change in composition or structure b: to change the outward form or appearance of c: to change in character or condition :*There is a plan, a master plan, you | Read More »

    “The Left owns the Internet”

    A number of interesting observations have percolated throughout the Interweb in the aftermath of the 2008 election – arguments about the “youth vote”, the “center-right versus center-left,” pushing aside social conservative issues, etc. But one of the most thought-provoking topics receiving attention is the issue of the presence (or lack thereof) of the Right in the online “Web 2.0″ universe. As a technology geek by | Read More »