“Failure is ALWAYS an option*.” #obamacare

    A free hint to my fellow liberal arts majors: outside of our own, rather narrow, academic disciplines, it really doesn’t matter how hard you wish for something. You’re not gonna get it that way: The idea that “failure is not an option” is a fantasy version of how non-engineers should motivate engineers. That sentiment was invented by a screenwriter, riffing on an after-the-fact observation about | Read More »

    Was Ghastly “Care” Website Deliberate?

    Concern mounts that the glaring deficiencies in the Affordable Care Act, with its Marxian-styled name, were deliberate. After all, evil is not synonymous with dumb. Federal government employees oversaw development of the humongous “spy center” in Utah, which reportedly possesses the ability to quickly turn the United States into a police state. Apparently, it’s functioning well in the desert. Serving “the purpose?” Interesting that the | Read More »

    Obamacare – It’s all about Control… (Alt-Delete).

    POP-QUIZ: What is the new Obamacare website?
    (A) Just another NO-BID contract.

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    The tools of the new activism

    In the course of our recent fundraiser I was asked about what tools we use to do what we do around here. There are a lot of little bits and pieces, but I’ll do my best to list what I use, what I’d recommend, and what I picked up for Moe this weekend. Hardware Computer It will come as no surprise that when it comes | Read More »

    Bring back the old REDSTATE web page

    This new REDSTATE page design is just not interesting to look at and it isn’t as user-friendly as the last design. Please go back to the old design. I have yet to figure out why sites like realclearpolitics.com and redstate.com feel the need to change good formats and page designs just for the sake of ‘updating’ their sites. Just take this as constructive criticism. No | Read More »

    Please help (or… I miss the old RedState)

    All my diary entries are gone. Nor can I access them on the archived site. This server is V E R Y S L O W . . . The main page is not showing correctly. Everything is in one column. It seems harder to navigate. Maybe that’s just the learning curve. Has such a thread already been written? I don’t know but if there | Read More »