Obama “Genetically Superior” Say Scientists

    Obama “Genetically Superior” Say Scientists Rafael Volquez, PhD Cambridge, MA Harvard Review of Science Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have broken new ground with a controversial claim. During research conducted since October 2007, they have found that the new President of the United States, Barack Obama has certain traits which make him “genetically and mentally superior to the average person.” Such research included | Read More »

    McCain gets Audited… Obama does… NOT???

    Just look Here Anyone else reading this? The FEC is going to overlook Obama and his “donations” and investigate McCain’s campaign funds?!?!?! Does this make any sense to anyone? I understand the McCain accepted the 85 million in funds and comes with a mandatory audit, but to not look into Obama’s because the committee running the FEC has 3 Dems and 3 Repubs, meaning a | Read More »

    What is a guy soposed to think??

    i have just turned 18, and this will be my first voting experience, however, this presidential race seems more like a publicity stunt than an election for the new pesident of the united states.

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    McCain Pailin need to relate effect of raising taxes on Small Business to the employees i.e. Middle America

    In Washington State, a Democratic State with a Democratic Governor we have seen the effects of raised taxes on business as this is one of the highest business tax states in the union. Boeing, one of our biggest companies threatened to uproot and leave after decades of their outstanding contribution to our area for creating jobs and revenue for the entire state. When Boeing said | Read More »

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    What a pick for VP

    I was in shock when John McCain made his vice presidential selection last week. I had supported McCain before his vp pick but I wasn’t thrilled. All the republican candidates seemed to lose their personalities once they began to campaign. John seemed wooden and removed. But after hearing Sarah Palin’s speech at the convention last night and seeing John’s face light up like it did | Read More »

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