Yes, Good-for-nothing Freeloaders Cry Out for Net Neutrality

    The FCC has opened a second comments period regarding the Free Press-Google Net Neutrality plan (the White House having publicly tucked tail on the matter), so here’s another reminder of why we need to oppose the whole ball of wax: It serves to benefit freeloaders at the expense or producers in a manner so pure it might fit in an Ayn Rand novel. In short, | Read More »

    Obama is a looter

    Id encourage you all to go check out this website: You read it? Good. If you didnt, Ill sum it up for you. Obama wants to loot the oil companies of their own well earned profits and give it you, the lowly serf. The One is going to make the EVIL BIG OIL COMPANIES, you know, the guys who make it possible to get to | Read More »