You Racist Constitutionalist!

    First, why does anybody watch, let alone go on The View? Today John McCain did just that, and in a conversation regarding abortion, said he would prefer to have Roe overturned and let the States make that decision. How radical huh, only if you are Whoopi Goldberg and see an originalist view of the Constitution, that radical document us pesky conservatives would like to see | Read More »

    I’m Sorry, But Isn’t It Crazy…..

    …the real bias of the MSM has been exposed of late? …there is this road show like frenzy of the latest U2 tour, all the anchors in tow…as BHO heads off on his quest to rule the world. …meanwhile, when ex-anchor, and right hating Dan Rather sat in on MSNBC’s liberal love fest called “morning cup of joe”, he clearly caled BHO – “Osama Bin | Read More »