Gone To Texas

    Why is Texas creating more jobs than any other state? Because it has less government says NR’s Kevin Williamson. Texas should be the model for Washington he says, including…….a part time legislature that makes $7K a year. Polish your resume Barney Frank. Watch here: http://tv.nationalreview.com/offthepage/post/?q=NDUwMDM4MGYxN2RjNWNjN2MxMTIwY2RhYWYxYjhlNzk=

    Public Plan’s Mission: Kill Private Insurance

    Former Deputy Sec. of HHS Tevi Troy explains exactly how the public health insurance option will put private insureres out of business. And the result will be…a single, government run system, of course. Watch here: http://tv.nationalreview.com/offthepage/post/?q=NmE5NmE5MDczZDk0YjA0MjU5N2IxNGJjNTEyNWExMjY=

    GOP All Stars?

    George Will said that Sara Palin was a distraction from a burgeoning group of young, GOP, all-stars. Who was he talking about? Amy Holmes makes some guesses with Will Cain on Off the Page. Watch here: http://tv.nationalreview.com/offthepage/post/?q=NGM1NjMzNjAwZTRkM2ZhNTYwN2Y1MTRjYWJjMzg2ZDM=