Hitting the G Spot or; Gingrich & the Gender Gap (c)

    Among the arguments being trotted out to induce fear of a Newt Gingrich nomination, the ghastly and gigantic Gender Gap (c)  is being given prominent play in all the usual places. My first exposure to the dreaded Gender Gap (c) was back in the 80′s when the news media (with a little help from their friends in the Democrat Party) discovered that on average women | Read More »

    Can Rednecks Be Intellectual?

    We have a new website called “intellectual Redneck.”  Some of our critics say there can be no such thing.  What say you?  A version of this post was on our site yesterday.  I’m not going to post the link.  If you’re interested, Google it. Then bookmark it, because we’re not done saying interesting things. Will Rogers, an intellectual redneck, once said, “Everybody’s ignorant, only on different | Read More »