Health care: the DOOM that came for Blue Dogs. [UPDATED.]

    [UPDATE] I wasn’t joking about the ‘re-election money’ thing. Here is something interesting: this paragraph (from an article begging Democratic legislators in Republican districts to sign off on health care rationing, for the greater glory of liberal urban Democrats)… Hardened? Consistent? Solid? You must be joking. Look at the Rasmussen survey cited by Caddell and Schoen. Nine months ago, it showed likely voters supporting the | Read More »

    Flashback to 2000: “Bush Is Toast”

    Ace of Spades today linked to this piece by William Saletan in Slate.From September 14, 2000 it pronounced GWB “toast” because of his poor standing in the polls. Saletan’s concluding paragraph: A candidate who puts pride before prudence, refuses to learn from his mistakes, and is capable of living for days in an alternate political universe can only survive while he’s ahead. Once he falls | Read More »