Winners and Losers in Wisconsin

    – Winners – Wisconsinites – A tax increase to fill the budget gap has been averted. Massive layoffs of public service employees have been averted. The legislature has made a major step forward toward restoring fiscal responsibility and stewardship of the people’s money. Good, Dedicated Teachers – No longer will layoffs be decided by seniority. No longer will union dues be automatically deducted from their paychecks. | Read More »

    2008 Winners and Losers

    Winners and LosersBig Loser: John McCain and Moderate RepublicansIts time for the Party to return to it’s Conservative Roots.Big Winner: Conservatisim.While it will hurt our nation while we experience a hard left turn, in the end, Conseravatism will re-emerge as the dominate political position. The experiment with Moderatism should be over. Moderates have lost every time they have tried.Big Winner: Obama and Moderate Democrats.Even though | Read More »

    Doom And Gloom Is For Losers (Cheer Up And Vote My Friends)

    I know he has been depressing lately, but on Thursday Rove said we always poll really bad on this particular weekend. The fact is, no one knows what the deal is this year. You have several things in play that have never happened before.1 A 50/50 split in the democratic primaries that left possibly 6 million people enraged. (PUMAS)2 You have a half black man.3 | Read More »