LGBT and Rainbow Justice

    As of February 8, 2011, Manhattan, Kansas has created a new mentality for the state. The message is clear: “Christians, beware.” There is a new sheriff in town that goes by the name of LGBT. The acronym “LGBT” stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender and this organization and those that follow under its rainbow banners now wield the power to start a legalized process | Read More »

    Brit Hume and Public Profession of Faith

    We conservatives spend a lot of time – on this website and elsewhere – fighting for freedom and limited government. We do so because we believe ourselves to be right –confident that if government will simply get out of the way, free men will prosper. We therefore will not sit idly by while the world succumbs to tyranny and statism, and instead, we will do | Read More »

    Obama and Ayers: The Public Relationship

    This is the second in a series of posts which discuss the relationship between Barack Obama, Bill Ayers, and our national economy.To read the first entry, click here. In this entry it will be demonstrated that the two men had an extensive public relationship. Also in this entry, I will argue that the professional relationship between Obama and Ayers could not have been impersonal; the | Read More »