Worldview & the GOP

    Not long after the 2012 election, I took a few minutes and completed a little survey, at the personal request of Reince Priebus. The ever-so-personal e-mails from the Chairman of the RNC are really all I need to rest assured that the GOP takes a finely tuned interest in my thoughts, beliefs and political musings. But this one — my good gosh — Reince nearly | Read More »

    The War of the Worlds

    Ever since the 1992 election when America voted for Bill Clinton, this film has haunted me – not the Steven Spielberg/Tom Cruise travesty of a few years ago, but the 1953 George Pal classic. Based on the H. G. Wells novel of a Martian invasion, the movie casts Gene Barry as Pacific Tech scientist Dr. Clayton Forester who leads the effort to uncover the invader’s | Read More »

    Hang On, It’s Going to Be a Bumpy Ride

    In the three days after electing President-elect Barack Obama: 1) the Dow has declined almost 1,000 points, 2) Russia has indicated that they intend to place missiles on the border of Poland if we proceed with our missile defense system in Europe3) Russia has indicated that they intend to modify its Constitution to allow for Putin to serve for 12 years,4) Harmid Karzai is demanding | Read More »