The relevance in the way both parties approach churches and religion.

    I have found it interesting in how most pundits and partisans following this election have focused very little on the religious affiliation of both McCain and Biden. Instead, the majority of the focus has been on Obama and Palin and the churches they have attended. The focus on Obama’s church has zoomed in on the political statements of Obama’s pastor. There have been allegations that | Read More »

    Into The Heart Of Darkness, Part 1

    Senator Barack Obama has captured the world’s attention unlike almost any other political figure of the era in which we live. However, despite all the theatrics surrounding the candidate and the almost messianic adoration displayed on the part of his followers, very few can possibly tell you what he actually believes other than in “change”, which, though sounding like everything you ever dreamed of, can | Read More »

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    Obama and Race

    Hi Readers! I’m hearing some rumbles that Barack Obama’s ethnicity may prevent him from becoming U.S. President. It’s true that I am not, and will never be, a Barack Obama fan. But, my reasons are simply based on the fact that we don’t agree with one another on the issues. Never have…never will. However, I have zero patience and no tolerance whatsoever for racists. Too | Read More »

    Obama is going to have to explain this video

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    Racism in the race

    While there are a lot of issues concerning Obama that can show him to be the empty suit that he is, I want to address in particualar the double standard in this race, when it comes down to race. The reality is this: IF John McCain, or Sarah Palin belonged to a radical church for 21 YEARS that espoused the same kind of racist hatred, | Read More »

    Barrack Hussien Obama’s faith?

    **What is faith? Barrack Hussien Obama was born to a Muslim father from Kenya, that made him a Muslim. Barrack Hussien Obama enrolled at a Muslim school in Indonesia, registered as a Catholic. Barrack Hussien Obama stated in his book he found Christianity 20 years ago through the racist Rev. Wright. **Most people of faith rarely change their faith once in a lifetime let alone | Read More »

    Obama’s Time line

    A time line to Barrack’s adult life and what it really means, In this I will show no disrespect for the accomplishments of a brilliant man who has pulled himself through some rather tough situations and not depended on govt. to take care of him. 1979 Graduates High School leaves Hawaii for Occidental College in Los Angelas, CA – Closest Mainland College he can afford1981 | Read More »

    “CHANGE! NOW! PLEASE?!?!?!?”

    Sound familiar? Before you jump to conclusion about the quotation … this is what a gnat might say, finding itself nearing windshield impact. Yes, the brainpower of a gnat is sufficient to know, when things aren’t going well, “Change” is a good idea. Why, then, has the “Change” mantra generated so much excitement over Obama?

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