Anyone else have their McCain/Palin signs stolen?

    My neighborhood in East Shelby County Tennessee is very conservative. Every two years as elections heat-up, yard signs for Republican candidates fill up my neighborhood. This year is no different as McCain/Palin signs quickly were quickly could be seen as soon as they were available. We also had some signs for Senator Lamar Alexander and Representative Marsha Blackburn. This Saturday as I pulled out of | Read More »

    The unofficial yard sign poll

    For weeks I’ve been noticing something odd: there are literally hundreds of McCain signs and bumper stickers in area near Tampa FL, and hardly an Obama sign or sticker to be found. Recently I’ve been making a game of “count the signs” when I go out on errands. I usually count 10 to 20 McCain signs per trip; rarely do I get 1 or 2 | Read More »