It’s Fracking Dangerous!

    Hydrofracking, or hydraulic fracturing, that is, or so says Ian Urbina of the New York Times as reported by the Denver Post. Look, there’s a picture of it happening in Rifle, Colorado! In our beautiful Rocky Mountains!! Look! The description even tells us how awful this is! Rifle has natural-gas wells. Fracking a relatively new drilling method known as high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing that carries | Read More »

    Remember The Maine! (And Tucson Too)

    Tragedy befell Congresswoman Giffords at a Safeway near Tucson, AZ on 8 January, 2011. A deranged and deracinated failure of a man named Jared Loughner opened fire at a meeting the Congresswoman conducted to interact with her constituents. Giffords was badly wounded, six others were killed. The media smelled opportunity in the proud and honorable tradition of William Randolph Hurst. Hearst earned well-deserved infamy for | Read More »

    Tail Chases Dog; Yellow Journalism Alive and Well

    Losing ground on the Ground Zero Mosque debate, the lame-brained media needed a whipping boy for comparison.  Spokesmodels for the Democratic Party began ginning up the printing presses and mainframes for a full on assault against an unknown preacher in Gainesville Florida in order to frame the argument they were losing.  The American people overwhelmingly rejected their narrative that questionable imams can do whatever they want | Read More »

    Bring back yellow journalism!

    In the process of commenting on the way that the Washington Post – a paper presumably interested in goings-on in Washington, DC – seems only interested in the Kwanzaa Diggs shooting on the Op-Ed page, R.S. McCain notes: Murder is news. Rape, robbery and drug busts are also news. And guess what? Crime coverage, if done right, sells papers. If the Washington Post can’t be | Read More »