Russian involvement in Ukraine deepens

    Russian involvement in Ukraine deepens

    In the week after a Russian built, Russian commanded, and probably Russian operated anti-aircraft missile knocked a Malaysia Air plane from the skies over Ukraine, Russia has shown no signs of letting the stigma of slaughtering innocents deter them from their mission of carving up Ukraine. In fact, they have doubled down. Russian military forces have fired artillery rounds into eastern Ukraine targeting Ukrainian military | Read More »

    Obama’s YOLO presidency descends into parody

    Obama's YOLO presidency descends into parody

    At a speech in Austin, Texas, last week, Obama criticized the lawsuit House Speaker John Boehner has announced. I mean, think about that.  You’re going to use taxpayer money to sue me for doing my job — (laughter) — while you don’t do your job.  (Applause.) There’s a great movie called “The Departed” — a little violent for kids.  But there’s a scene in the | Read More »

    Obama’s excellent YOLO presidency continues

    Obama's excellent YOLO presidency continues

    In a rather stunning interview with Bill Clinton political strategist and totally unbiased newsman, George Stephanopoulous, Barack Obama revealed that it is the World Cup, not events, driving his foreign policy agenda: On his way to Minnesota today, President Obama took a break from his day job to watch one of the most anticipated World Cup matches so far — the U.S. vs. Germany — | Read More »

    Barack Obama’s YOLO presidency

    Barack Obama's YOLO presidency

    One of the main indictments of the Clinton administration was its willingness to kick substantive policy issues down the road while bringing out the marching band to herald irrelevant acts. George Will called it a “holiday from history.” After 9/11, Charles Krauthammer had more to say: That is how one acts on holiday: Mortal enemies are dealt with not as combatants, but as defendants. Clinton | Read More »