Paul Revere Must Be Taken Out and Hanged

    Representative Joe Wilson must be thrown to the dogs. He has done what no Congressman is allowed. He has not only insulted President Obama publically, he has done so in complete and utter veracity. This has forced the Democrats to deal with Joe Wilson in two seemingly contradictory manners. They have demonized him in front of the media. He is now the number one DNCC | Read More »

    Can The Lie Come True?

    “You lie!” Yelled the indignant Congressman from the Palmetto State. To me, this statement was probably Rep. Joe Wilson’s greatest contribution to representative democracy since his election. It was factually accurate, succinct, impossible to misunderstand and true in almost every philosophical sense that the problem can be examined from. Predictably, Joe Wilson was therefore savaged by over-credentialed morons like “Cow School” Keith Olbermann. President Barack | Read More »