First it was Honduras….. Now we have Nicaragua.

    H/T Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs. Two separate articles: Nicaragua court backs re-election. The Nicaraguan Supreme Court has lifted a constitutional ban on re-election, clearing the way for President Daniel Ortega to run again in 2011 elections. The court’s decision followed an appeal by Mr Ortega and a group of mayors.  In July, Mr Ortega said publically he favoured allowing people the right to | Read More »

    Honduras to Brazil: this Zelaya thing’s getting old.

    (H/T: AoSHQ) Not to mention Brazil’s public and increasingly outrageous assistance to Zelaya. So it’s going to have to stop: Honduras is accusing Brazil’s government of instigating an insurrection within its borders, and gave the Brazilian Embassy 10 days to decide the status of ousted Honduran President Jose Manuel Zelaya, who has taken refuge there. [snip] The statement said Honduras would be forced to take | Read More »


    Sounds like a headline from the 1980′s. Honduras is a peaceful democratic country where I have worked and visited numerous times, as I have neighboring Nicaragua.  Nicaragua is different, in its culture, climate, people — and in its history of revolutionary violence. Venezuela is all together different from Honduras and Nicaragua and from other poor Latin American countries — a nation that would be rich, | Read More »

    Honduras kicks out the trash, and Obama goes dumpster diving to protect it.

    Honduras Projection: The State Department is truly just another Obama propaganda ministry. In a statement released today, the State Department said this: “The Department of State recognizes the complicated nature of the actions which led to June 28 coup d’etat in which Honduras’ democratically elected leader, President Zelaya, was removed from office. These events involve complex factual and legal questions and the participation of both | Read More »

    The Definition of Democracy

    Democracy: a: government by the people ; especially : rule of the majority b: a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections This article particularly caught my attention, as having been a political science major I’ve been watching the left’s devolving definition of | Read More »

    Zelaya denied landing permission in Honduras

    Didn’t see a post about it yet. Former president Zelaya was denied permission to land in Honduras earlier today. Zelaya told the Venezuela-based news network Telesur that his jet was denied permission to land in Tegucigalpa, where military vehicles were arrayed on the runway. The aircraft was en route to San Salvador, the capital of neighboring El Salvador, after what Zelaya called a “fruitless” attempt | Read More »

    Welcome to Petoria

    As I watch and read about President Barack Obama’s stance on issues such as Iran and Honduras, I’m reminded of an early Family Guy episode, “E. Peterbus Unum.”  In this episode, the main character, Peter, finds out that his property is actually not part of the United States, so he establishes the semi-acre plot as the nation of Petoria. At a meeting of the UN, | Read More »

    Go Figure: Obama’s Support of Tyrrany

    Over a week went by before President Obama spoke about the controversy regarding the elections in Iran.  Even then, his statements were weak and uninspiring.  When Kim Jong-Il threatened to toss a missile at Hawai’i, Obama’s words were similarly late and weak. Now, when the Honduran president, Manuela Zeyala, attempts to hold an unconstitutional referrendum, President Obama is quick to call his ouster illegal and | Read More »

    Lessons We Can Learn From a Honduran Blogger [Updated Blogger's Open Letter to Obama]

    I ran across a blog by a Honduran that is titled What We Hondurans Want. I encourage you to read the entire article, and Digg it if you deem it worthy. While it is very helpful in getting an understanding about life in Honduras, I believe there are lessons from this article for also understanding life in the USA. [Update]The blogger, rschenkel, has written an | Read More »

    The fallacy of “democratically elected” mantra.

    In the American New Left’s eyes, being “democratically elected” absolves you of all evil past, present and future and grants teflon legitimacy impervious to criticism. If you dare to question the actions of the democratically elected leftists (yes it only applies to the Left or terrorists) you will be castigated as an authoritarian fascist. We’ve seen it with the Left’s insistence on negotiations with Hamas, | Read More »