Zero-tolerance or jackass parent?

    We’ve lost our minds in Houston County, Georgia. I live in Warner Robins, and I was simply in shock that in our conservative enclave, the very heart of liberty-minded rational patriotism, home of Robins AFB and the F-15 capital of the world, that zero-tolerance insanity had roosted in our midst.

    This stuff only happens in other places, like Anne Arundel County Maryland, where the infamous pop-tart gun was invented, or New Kensington, Pennsylvania, where a first-grader turned in a toy gun and faces expulsion. It doesn’t happen in our city, because we’re sane. Yet that’s what the news is reporting.

    Is the news right? Well, yes, and no.

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    The Insanity of ‘Zero Tolerance’

    Expelled student plans future — Baton Rouge, LA Is it asking too much to expect “professional educators” to exercise just a tiny amount of judgment and common sense in the administration of anti-weapons policies? In this case, the knife was a present from his dad with the words “To Luke, always know that I love you” engraved upon it. The 17-year-old said he used the | Read More »

    Zero-Tolerance Idiocy Continues

    The Columbus Dispatch has the details: A Northland High School student could be expelled after playing with a Nerf foam-dart gun in school. Devon Smith, 14, said he could not resist firing the toy at a friend after a classmate brought it to class. “He was shooting at another one of my friends, and I moved closer, and I had a shot and missed somebody,” | Read More »

    Cherokee Trail H.S. Student Owns Up, Talks to State Legislature

    As reported yesterday by Warner Todd Huston at RedState, Cherokee High School senior Marie Marrow was suspended for having Young Marines drill team practice rifles in the back of her SUV on school grounds, which have been used there for the past six months. In an article at the Rocky Mountain News, not only accepts responsibility for what happened, but also went to Denver to | Read More »