Very effective Israeli Pro-Zionist Satire

    Caroline Glick has established “LatmaTV“,  a satirical group whose purpose is to establish the righteousness of Israel and the moral illegitmaticy of the Anti-Israel/Anti-Zionist movement. Here are some videos  (in some of these the English subtitles have to be turned on by using the flash viewer’s controls in the bottom right and corner and turn on CC) Interview with “Richard Goldstone” (of UN “Human Rights” | Read More »


    My Israel

    When I was a young boy, I went to Yeshiva. Yeshiva is like Catholic school, but for Jews. Though my English education suffered, I really did not mind spending six hours each day praying, studying, or debating the Torah. It was boring sometimes, but people can become accustomed to almost anything. I was taught about Zion, which sounds a lot cooler in Hebrew. I learned | Read More »