Charlie Rangel will not resign…

    …and will ride this puppy all the way down, bless his heart. For those living in a cave, Charlie Rangel* (D, NY) is about to get served with ethics charges by the House Ethics committee for committing ethical violations (mostly involving real estate) beyond the power of the House Ethics committee leadership to plausibly overlook… not that they didn’t try their best.  In keeping with | Read More »

    Detroit has 200k more voters than people over 18

    Election Journal points us to this frightening story in the Detroit Free Press. There are over 200,000 more registered voters in Detroit than the census estimates that there are people over 18. Detroit election officials confirmed Monday what an analysis of census and population records shows: The city has more registered voters than it has residents over the voting age of 18. Ultimately, election officials | Read More »

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