Water Cooler 2/28/16 -Major abortion case before SCOTUS, Pie and Peyton, Tweeting Mussolini,

    Big Case for the Supremes: SCOTUS is set to hear an important abortion cases Wednesday. The issues involve the “… standards for doctors and facilities” where abortions take place. Yahoo explains: “One of the two Texas regulations before the court requires doctors who provide abortions to have admitting privileges” at a local hospital so they can treat patients needing surgery or other critical care.” The other part involves making | Read More »

    Water Cooler 2/27/16 – A vet takes on a former President, Hate-crime “victims” charged, Oscar ballot

    Pull out the checkbook for Trump: About those fundraising letters you get from Republican organizations, candidates, and PACS. It’s possible you’ll get one soon showing proceeds going to Donald Trump. So get that check filled out and ready. NY Times says Gov. Chris Christie thinks Trump, who currently self funds his campaign, may seek cash if he becomes the nominee: “I sense that once we get to a general election | Read More »

    Water Cooler 2/25/16 – Sandoval says no to nomination, Rubio attends CPAC, Too many polls

    Rubio’s non-helpful endorsers:  Marco Rubio has bad luck with endorsers. First it was Rick Santorum earlier this month who, on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, couldn’t name any accomplishment of Rubio’s while he was in the Senate. Santorum ended up saying he didn’t think it was a “fair question.” Now, a newer endorser, Rep. Cresent Hardy is having the same problem. Politico said Hardy was asked “to point to one specific thing he | Read More »

    Water Cooler 2/20/16 – Open Thread – Dems behaving badly, Supporters switch candidates, SCOTUS rules on N.C.

    Our primary is bad. They’re getting worse: We’ve seen some bad behavior during the Republican primary, but let’s look at the other side for a moment. Brandon English, former deputy exec-dir of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee put out a post on MEDIUM. The title says it all . “Go f— yourself, Bernie.”  Per The Hill: “The post was in response to Sanders implying that rival Hillary Clinton | Read More »

    Water Cooler 2/18/16 Open Thread – Ben Sasse is great, Town hall fun part deux, 5-way race after SC,

    Ben Sasse’s bunch of mean tweets: Here’s the backstory. Back in January, Sen. Ben Sasse was essentially Trolling Donald Trump. Tweeting questions and just generally giving him a mini civics lesson. Stuff like that. To say that the Trump kids were not happy about would be an understatement. They tweeted all kinds of horribleness Sasse’s way.  Now, thanks to Independent Journal we get Sasse reading us the tweets | Read More »

    OPEN THREAD: Town Halls Tonight on CNN and MSNBC

    OPEN THREAD: Town Halls Tonight on CNN and MSNBC

    CNN is holding the first of two town halls tonight. Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio will be on stage. Another is planned for tomorrow and will feature Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Donald Trump  Both are scheduled to start at 8 p.m. ET. and Anderson Cooper will moderate both events. This is enlightening: “Unlike in the debates, the White House contenders will each take the stage separately | Read More »

    Water Cooler 2/14/16 Open Thread – A pathetic Dem fundraiser, Troops want their K9s, Tens of thousands of…

    Really Dems?  From the “Keep it Classy” file we discover Democrats felt last night was the perfect time to do some fundraising. They could have gone after one of our candidates on a policy point or some area where they felt particularly aggrieved but no – The Weekly Standard shows how they decided to fundraise off the death of a SC Justice: “Breaking news from the | Read More »

    Water Cooler 2/13/16 Open Thread – The ABCOTs, Donate to Hillarycare, A Viagra bill in KY

    ABCOT: An acronym for “Anybody But Cruz Or Trump”, so that’s what I’ll start calling these voters. It fits, no? Kind of elitist. And the ABCOTs feel they have been waiting around long enough for something major to happen. Thanks to The Hill, we discover their patience is just about out. “Get ready for major Republican officials and large donors to begin a campaign to unite behind an alternative to presidential candidates | Read More »

    Water Cooler 2/11/16 Open Thread – A pot predicament, Ben’s still in, Dump the draft

    Rubio concedes the possibility of a brokered convention:  Marco Rubio’s campaign manager now admits to ABC  it could be a long slow slog: “We very easily could be looking at May — or the convention,” [Terry] Sullivan said aboard Rubio’s charter jet from New Hampshire to South Carolina on Wednesday. “I would be surprised if it’s not May or the convention.” Contra to RedState’s own | Read More »

    Water Cooler 2/8/16 Open Thread – Needling Bernie, Driving in Cali, Flakes descend on NH

    Aren’t statistics wonderful? Last year in California Assembly Bill 60 was implemented. That’s the law which granted illegal immigrants a driver’s license.  The LA Times has some numbers: “An estimated 605,000 licenses were issued under the law last year, accounting for nearly half of all new licenses, according to the California DMV. Nearly 400,000 of the licenses were issued during the first six months.” Assembly | Read More »

    Water Cooler 2/7/16 Open Thread – Texas cleans up Texas, No excuses, A few quickhits

    Texas town arrests all but *1* city official. Let’s just get to the good stuff: “Crystal City’s mayor, city manager, mayor pro tempore, one of three current councilmen and a former councilman were all arrested under an indictment obtained by the U.S. attorney’s office in San Antonio, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney said.” Charges in the indictment allege the group used their positions as town leaders “to enrich | Read More »

    Water Cooler 2/6/16 Open Thread – Ties to terrorism, Crossing the law, Bernie on Tinder

    Police Crossing: Texas Governor Gregg Abbott has lent his support to police putting cross images on their patrol cars, reports Yahoo. It seems the Sheriff’s Dept. in Brewster Co. got a complaint “…about images of a Christian cross with a horizontal thin blue line displayed on its patrol vehicles.” “In addition to its religious significance, the cross has a long history in America and elsewhere as | Read More »

    Erickson Lays It On The Line

    Occasionally with opinion pieces you kind of have to read between the lines of what the writer said to pull just a little more meaning from their words. That’s not the problem in a piece entitled Cruz vs Rubio by Erick Erickson at The Resurgent.

    Read More »

    Water Cooler 2/4/16 Open Thread – New vid from CMP, Helpful school signs, Hit me

    New video from Center for Medical Progress: Goin’ straight to their press release. “A new video at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast and newly-released documents from a Texas Public Information Act request show how Planned Parenthood used accounting gimmicks to hide its illegal sale of fetal tissue.” The release goes on to explain how there were “two levels ” of invoicing. The new video and related documents | Read More »

    Water Cooler 1/31/16 Open Thread – Huck’s memory, Slowing the Twitter, Ribble to retire

    Slowing the Twitter: The latest thing Donald Trump has taken credit for is slowing down Twitter. Talking Points Memo has up a bit of an exchange Mr. Yuuuge had with a CBS host who questioned his Twitter usage: “Having Twitter is great. And between Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, I have 12 million people, more than 12 million people. So it is a great way of getting the | Read More »