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    Rick Perry is the Republican Who Finally Said It

    Yesterday, Rick Perry gave a speech on economics to unveil his plan. Perry, of course, created 1.5 million jobs while the rest of the nation lost 400,000. In delivering his speech, Perry did what so many of us have wanted — someone to point out that our first black President has left the black family worse off. His whole speech was rock solid, but the | Read More »

    Always Play On Offense

    Rush Limbaugh often says it. It is a maxim to remember. Always play on offense. I hope Donald Trump takes that to heart. In the past week, the political press that already hates the GOP and thinks all Republicans are racist have used Donald Trump’s comments to go on the attack. Additionally, it has allowed NBC and Macy’s to sever ties to Trump that would | Read More »

    And That’s That

    As of 10pm last night, there were only 25 tickets left to the RedState Gathering. This is actually the quickest we’ve sold out. If you want to go, check here. But there were 50 left at 3pm and 25 left at 10pm. Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) 95% of Oklahoma is coming now for sure. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 84% | Read More »

    The Wildfire Burns

    For those of us of faith, it appears society has collectively lost its mind. Madness has set in. Yes, in fact, we see what Paul warns of in Romans 1. The people have been handed over to themselves and we are caught in the middle. It is a wildfire of the mind and society. A lot of you want to check out of it. You | Read More »

    What Actually Comes Next

    Less than forty-eight hours after King Anthony sovereignly provided new theology for our secular, civil religion, the left is now publicly calling for the abolition of tax-exempt status for religious non-profits and churches. It will come. It has to come. If gay marriage is a fundamental right under the equal protection clause, it is going to trump a lot of the first amendment. As Chief | Read More »

    Oh Brave New World

    Texas’s Attorney General Ken Paxton has released a letter with guidance that I suspect we will see around the country. The question is whether county clerks, county employees, justices of the peace, etc. must be compelled to issue a license for a gay marriage. The answer, as it should be, is no dependent on facts. If there are others in the office who can do | Read More »

    They Went To Their Pulpits With a Mission Today

    I expected that most evangelical pastors across America today would ignore Friday’s ruling on marriage. I’m delighted to say I appear to be wrong. Based on a ton of feedback from across the nation and conversations with a lot of evangelical leaders, it appears pastors went to their pulpits with a mission today. Across the nation, they made sure congregants knew that churches were more | Read More »

    Dear @GOP, Please Do Not Sanction a Univision Debate [UPDATED]

    UPDATE: The RNC has assured me that Univision will not have a debate. Univision wants to have a forum of the Republican candidates. For the reasons below, I would ask that the Republican National Committee refuse to sanction that forum under the candidate debate rules. First, Univision missed the boat. They never submitted a proposal to host a debate like all the other networks. That’s | Read More »

    The Supremes Decide

    The United States Supreme Court has ruled that gay marriage is a right. Ironically, Chief Justice Roberts, who yesterday decided words do not really mean what they say in laws, penned a stinging dissent that the constitution’s words no longer mean anything. There were a number of conservatives, particularly evangelicals, who had somehow convinced themselves this day would never come. Some of us might have | Read More »

    Let’s Be Honest

    Most conservatives thought they had the Burwell case. They’d all concluded that they were going to lose on gay marriage, which they will, but that Burwell they had. And it was a big loss. But we should also be honest. The United States Supreme Court saved the Republican Party from itself. In closed doors on Capitol Hill, Republican leaders had every intention of rushing through | Read More »

    Rush Is Right

    This morning at 6:15 am ET, I will be on Fox & Friends. The kicking off point for the conversation is Rush Limbaugh’s comment that the Confederate flag is just the starting point for a leftwing assault on American culture at large. The left is led by a President who himself has said our nation is not really special. After all, every other nation thinks | Read More »

    The Case for Mike Flynn

    A large group of conservatives around the country is proud to support Mike Flynn for Congress in Illinois. It is a special election and Mike is the only conservative running. He would be a major upgrade. If you are wondering, not sure, have questions, or want to know more, Ace of Spades has a very detailed piece outlining the case for Mike Flynn. Folks — | Read More »

    BREAKING: House Republican Leaders Targeting Congressman Ken Buck for Retribution

    Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) 100% is nothing if not a team player. Having narrowly lost his first bid for the U.S. Senate, Buck ran again for the Senate in 2014. But Buck graciously stepped aside for Congressman Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) 69% and, instead, ran for a congressional seat. He was then elected Freshman class President. That has all | Read More »

    Bobby Jindal and Going Home Again

    Bobby Jindal and Going Home Again

    Today, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal will announce he is running for President of the United States. As a native Louisianian, I have seen first hand the transformation of the state for the better under Bobby Jindal’s stewardship. I am from East Feliciana Parish. The per capita income in East Feliciana is $15,428. Growing up, most everything in the parish was state owned. The state’s insane | Read More »

    Proud to Support Governor Nikki Haley

    Yesterday, in South Carolina, Governor Nikki Haley brought together a diverse group of Republicans and Democrats in South Carolina to urge the state legislature to remove the Confederate battle flag from state house grounds. In doing so, Governor Haley showed real leadership — the kind people in Washington always say they want but never bother trying to achieve. In doing so, she took on an | Read More »