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We are excited to have the opportunity, together with our sister sites at Salem media, to participate in the Change Politics Presidential forum! This will give you, RedState readers, to submit questions for all the Republican candidates and then to see their answers. You can go to our Change Politics page here and either submit a question, or upvote questions that have already been asked. | Read More »

Marco Rubio Just Gave the Best Answer for Why he Lost the Debate (VIDEO)

There are many legitimate criticisms of Marco Rubio, but the idea that he is wooden or robotic is kind of an insane one. He had a brain fart on national TV at the absolute worst time. That is definitely true. But no candidate in the field – or in recent Republican memory – is more authentic on television than Rubio, and the seven full debates | Read More »

Watercooler 2/10 Open Thread: NC Primary Pushback?, BGC Bull, Animal Antics

Welcome back to another installment of the Watercooler, RedState’s daily Open Thread! Today, we’ve got… NC Primary: Trouble Ahead? North Carolina’s last redistricting’s in hot water, and may mean rescheduling the primary now that courts have struck down the maps for NC-1 and NC-12. Both are “majority-minority” districts created to comply with Voting Rights Act while maximizing partisan advantage, and… Well, in this commentator’s opinion | Read More »

BREAKING: Chris Christie Is Officially Out Of the Race

It has been rumored all day, but now it is official. The fat man has sung.

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BREAKING: Carly Fiorina Suspends Her Campaign

Carly Fiorina is suspending her campaign a day after her second poor showing in this primary cycle. Fiorina made the announcement today, posting a lengthy statement on her Facebook page detailing her exit. This campaign was always about citizenship—taking back our country from a political class that only serves the big, the powerful, the wealthy, and the well connected. Election after election, the same empty | Read More »

Obama Administration Reneges On Congressional Deal About Iranian Travelers

Sometimes I think our side not only doesn’t know how to play the game, they really don’t understand what the game is.

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How West Virginia Embraced Right to Work

State legislators to Mountain State: West Virginia, Mountain Momma, take me home to the free labor market where we belong.

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South Carolina To Be A Street fight

South Carolina To Be A Street fight

South Carolina is going to be a street fight between Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.and Donald Trump. CNN’s Theodore Schleifer, after speaking with nearly a dozen people tied to ...

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A lot of the presidential discussion right now is operating on three levels: who would be the best President, who has the best chance (or any chance) of being the nominee, and who has the best chance (or any chance) of winning the general election. Here’s your chance to weigh in, and argue your case in the comments. The electability poll – who are you | Read More »

This is how I expect Clinton to beat Sanders in South Carolina

Most of our attention is on the Republican race moving south, but the Democrats are doing the same thing. Bernie Sanders has competed well with Hillary Clinton in two rural, northern, white states. But as the race moves to South Carolina, at least two of those attributes change, and that leads us to how I expect Hillary Clinton to start winning states convincingly.

Fiorina’s Candidacy Is a Win Because She Stood In Contrast to “Victim” Hillary

Carly Fiorina ended her bid for the White House on Wednesday, after a dismal placing in the New Hampshire primary, but she made her mark as a presidential contender in a way no one else before her had done. We’re used to seeing Republican women run for Congress, obtain the position of governor, or even take on the rare role of vice presidential nominee. But | Read More »

Marco Rubio Looks To A Brokered Convention For the Nomination

Conceding that you are unlikely to win the nomination via the voters and looking toward a brokered convention as a strategy reeks of weakness.

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SIEGE: Near-Confrontation As FBI Surrounds Last Four Oregon Occupiers

Four “protesters” remain at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, and last night, a confrontation nearly came to a head while some 60,000 listened live to a broadcast phone call with the armed citizens and some off-site supporters. You can replay the entire four hours of broadcast here, or you can see highlights that I live-tweeted in the storify at the end of this post. | Read More »

And Then There Were Some: The Race After New Hampshire

The New Hampshire primary is now well in the bag, and candidates are down here in the Carolinas campaigning. Some folks are out, and others had a bad week. Who has room to complain? Nobody. Except Carly. Maybe. First of all, the casualties: Both Christie and Fiorina are out. That’s the main shake-up. But there is also karma to deal with. After all, Bernie got | Read More »

Trump Retweets ‘White Genocide’ Account … Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One

Tonight, once again, Donald Trump retweeted a tweet from an account with the username “@WhiteGenocideTM”. This may sound familiar to you, because he has done this before, from the exact same account. Here is tonight’s retweet: And here is what CNN reported back in January: The profile — with about 2,300 followers — used the name “Donald Trumpovitz,” linked to a website containing a pro-Adolf | Read More »

My Storify mini-rant on what happens if Donald Trump wins the nomination.

Do not fall in love with politicians. They will only break your heart.

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The Worst Family Feud Contestant of All Time?

Sometimes we have to have some non-political posts otherwise we will all go crazy. This video was simply too good not to share with all of you. I am a huge fan of Family Feud, and there have been a lot of terrible contestants, but this one might very well be the worst ever. The video is long, but worth it. Keep watching, it gets | Read More »

Donald Trump: We’re Going To Keep Common Core (Updated)

That’s right. Donald Trump, in South Carolina, came out in favor of Common Core education standards. Has he not been paying attention? Common Core is wildly unpopular in South Carolina. The state had originally implemented the standards and then rescinded them after a public backlash. Jeb Bush, at a Heritage Action forum in South Carolina was booed over the issue. Yet, here he is: Re: | Read More »

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders assigned New Hampshire delegates in true People’s Democratic fashion.

The People’s Glorious Democratic party of New Hampshire proclaims: from each according his ability, to each according to her need!

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Donald Trump Lives in Fantasyland

I know this is not really news to anyone, but Donald Trump is more clueless about the limitations of government power than Bernie Sanders is. His strategy for dealing with the challenges posed by the world at large sounds at all times like a not-very-informed seventh grade Model UN contestant. Here he is, on CBS, explaining how easy it is, in what passes for his | Read More »

Trump Says Calling Cruz A P*ssy Helped Him Win New Hampshire Primary

More Donald Trump values on display in an interview this morning on “Today”. Everyone was having a good time so a potential future leader of the free world saying “f*ck” businesses and calling a fellow Republican primary candidate a “p*ssy” is totally fine, moms and dads. Anyone can grow up to be President and act like Leo Getz! (Language warning, obviously.) What can we expect | Read More »

New Hampshire Primary By The Numbers

The 2016 New Hampshire primary results look like two political parties in a race to self-destruct. New Hampshire was bad news for Hillary Clinton, and worse news for Marco Rubio. Let’s run through what we learned with the final vote totals in, focusing mainly on the Republican side: 1. Republican Turnout Remains High: More voters cast ballots in the Republican than the Democratic primary in | Read More »

How Many Other Publications Let The Clinton Campaign Do Their Writing For Them?

Hillary Clinton’s campaign always expected to be walked right into the Democratic nomination for president, and after her embarassing defeat in the 2008 election cycle, she began laying the groundwork to make herself inevitable following Barack Obama’s administration. The media, which the Clinton’s whine and moan about being against them, have done the lion’s share of trying to show that she is not only inevitable, | Read More »








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