This Feels Less Like An Election and More Like the Establishment Of Religion

I feel revulsion because what others see as providence, I see as a cult.

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SURPRISE: Trump’s Attack on New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez was a Lie

Isn’t it weird how Trump saves his most outlandish (and least truthful) attacks for other Republicans, even though he’s already the presumptive Republican nominee and has no need to run against Republicans at all? It’s almost the guy grew up as a liberal Democrat and still is one at heart, or something. Anyway, the latest Republican to make him angrier than Hillary Clinton ever has | Read More »

Vets Dying in Line is No Fairytale – VA Secretary’s Absurd Disney Comparison a Disgrace to Heroes

This Memorial Day as we honor the fallen, let us not forget our solemn vow to the living.

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Are you kidding me? Hillary Clinton’s Email story keeps getting worse!

It was bad enough that Hillary Clinton was bypassing State Department email servers, ordering subordinates to ignore rules on handling sensitive documents, and keeping her printer accessible on the public Internet. But her configuration of her desktop computers was somehow even worse!

INEXCUSABLE: VA Counting Live Veterans as Dead, Now

In no free country should this ever be acceptable.

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Trump Campaign: Calm Down, We Only Said We THOUGHT the Judge was Mexican

Maybe now is a good time to explain to Donald Trump that all Mexicans who don’t support him, or protest against him are not always connected to La Raza. They aren’t all a part of some larger plot to destroy him, though I’m sure that’s what he believes as a professional conspiracy theorist.

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Remember Joseph Warren This Memorial Day

America’s war dead have included leaders of prominence, including one of the Founding Fathers.

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This Is The Dumbest, Fakest, Didn’t Happenest Thing Hillary Ever Said

This Is The Dumbest, Fakest, Didn't Happenest Thing Hillary Ever Said

Let’s skip the intro and get down to the brass tacks here. In an interview with New York Magazine, Hillary Clinton said this: The sexism is less virulent now than ...

Obama Administration Files Motion to Stop Judge’s Request for Info on Immigrants

Texas is one of 26 states currently suing the administration over Obama’s executive action.

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Donald Trump Finally Comes Clean On Veterans Contributions (VIDEO)

Donald Trump delivered a belated accounting of where his promised donations to veterans groups went, but he did something much more important

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Why Are We Still Discussing This Damn Gorilla?

I’m being 100% serious about this. I don’t understand what the outrage here is. If you did not catch the story, zookeepers shot and killed a gorilla that was dragging around a four-year-old boy who had managed to get into his cage. The argument seems to be divided into three camps. Those Who Apparently Think The Kid Should Have Died So The Gorilla Could Live | Read More »

Nevada ESA Decision Hopeful Step Towards Revolutionary Promise of Education Savings Accounts for Students

A Las Vegas judge dismissed the case against the nation’s first near-universal education savings account (ESA) program, which allows parents to control most or all of the funds the state spends on their child to create a personalized educational experience. This is a win for students and parents who want more control over their educational decisions. The case centered around the state’s Blaine Amendment, a | Read More »

RedState Gathering Memorial Day Discount Extended

At RedState, our thoughts and prayers are never far from our service members and their families who sacrifice every day for the freedom we enjoy.  In honor of the Memorial Day holiday, we are extending our weekend discount, which offers $100 off our regular registration rate using the promo code SALUTE now through midnight. That means, you can save your seat for our 2016 Denver program for | Read More »

NYT: The Obama Administration Bullied their Own IRS to Violate the Law on Obamacare

The New York Times had an astounding article yesterday about the lengths to which the Obama administration went to bully everyone to accept the dubious legality of their massive insurer bailouts; bailouts for which there was absolutely no Congressional appropriation. A Federal judge has already ruled that these payments were illegal, and the administration has appealed – principally on the basis that Congress had no standing | Read More »

Government Subsidizes, Government Warps and Distorts – Government Bails Out

My favorite joke about government and its inanity goes something like this: A guy is running late for a meeting. He’s in his car – stuck on a single lane blacktop behind a county government truck. He can’t pass – it’s a double yellow line. Every fifty yards the county truck stops and two guys jump out of the back. Right beside the road, one | Read More »

Former State Department Inspector General: Hillary Is Full Of It

Hillary Clinton’s standard go to excuse for using private email (she won’t address the use of a private server in her house) is that she’s doing nothing different than any other Secretary of State did. “They used private email, too!” Except that is not true. She is not telling the truth at all about Condoleeza Rice and with respect to Colin Powell, it was not | Read More »

Rubio on Trump’s Campaign Style and Running for Office

Sen. Marco Rubio, during an “extended” interview on the May 29, 2016-edition of CNN’s “State of the Union,” talked reflectively about the presidential campaign and his future. Rubio said Donald Trump shouldn’t change his campaign style, and that he won’t be running as Trump’s VP, for reelection to the U.S. Senate nor for Governor of Florida.

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WAIT. Did Mitch McConnell Actually Compare Donald Trump To Dwight Eisenhower?

In perhaps the most exotic statement of a distinctly strange election year, Mitch McConnell has compared Donald Trump to Dwight Eisenhower.

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Trump Earns Praise of North Korea’s State Media

What could go wrong?

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Trump has Already Proven He Would Never Nominate an Actual Conservative to SCOTUS

The last and greatest hope for Trump boosters to convince #NeverTrump folks is to hold the specter of Supreme Court nominations over their head. The reasoning goes as follows: we already know/assume Trump will fill the vacancy filled by the death of the great Antonin Scalia, and there’s a good possibility that he will get one or two more. The alleged pragmatist who is making | Read More »

Chik-fil-A Honors the Memory of Our Fallen in an Awesome Way


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Snoop Dog’s Memorial Day Message: Boycott Roots, and 12 Years a Slave

This memorial day, rapper Snoop Dog reached out via an Instagram video with a little bit of a rant about the current state of black media. Snoop, seeing Roots being played during a day that should be all about our fallen troops, was agitated that the only time they want to talk about blacks in art is to talk about how badly they were treated | Read More »

Google Doesn’t Really Care to Honor the Fallen on Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day, and companies across the county have taken time to honor the servicemen and servicewomen who have sacrificed all for our freedom. For instance, at some Chick-fil-A locations (probably most, if not all), there is a Missing Man table complete with Bible, flag, and empty place setting arrayed to honor those who never returned home from the battlefield. I happened across one today. It’s a beautiful tribute. | Read More »








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