Daily Links – April 1, 2012

    Today is April 1st. It is April Fool’s Day. April Fool’s Day was first celebrated by ancient druids. Each year on this date, they would ritually sacrifice the person considered to be the most indigent, gullible, and least productive member of their society. After burning the “fool” alive in a giant “wicker man”, they would perform elaborate rituals, or “pranks”. It evolved over the centuries | Read More »

    Daily Links – March 31, 2012

    REMINDER: Today is the LAST DAY to get the Early Bird Rate for the RedState Gathering. Read about it here, or sign up right away here!Today is March 31st. On this date in 1889, the Eiffel Tower had its first official tour, as Gustave Eiffel led a group of reporters and city officials throughout the structure. The ascent to the top was accomplished by stairs, | Read More »

    Daily Links – March 30, 2012

    Today is March 30th. On this date in 1867, the U.S. purchased Alaska from Russia for 7.2 million smackers. So if you win the lottery tonight, you can buy, like, 80 million Alaskas all at once, which is way more Alaskas than most people will own in a lifetime! Also on this date in 1981, Ronald Reagan was shot by John Hinckley, Jr. in Washington, | Read More »

    Overnight Open Thread: Bohemian Rhapsody Edition

    Slow. Clap. If you can’t watch the video, be depressed. It’s a man who is intoxicated, as you proclaim, who bursts into a spontaneous a capella rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, including some of the music, and it is glorious. Have a drink on me, intoxicated off-key Queen singing arrested beard guy. Have one on me. h/t Bookworm Room. This is an Open Thread.

    Brave New Foundation Needs Some Brave New Basic Phone Training

    Hanging Up 090 – Remedial Call Termination Procedures Meet Jesse Lava, campaign director – campaign director – at Brave New Foundation: progressive, comedy savant, and first-time user of phones. If you’ve never heard of the man or the group, well, no surprise there. But they do exist, and they are hilarious. Oh Jesse, you so crazy! They eat babies? YOU ARE A COMIC GENIUS! SOMEONE | Read More »

    Daily Links – March 29, 2012

    Today is March 29th. On this date in 1992, Bill Clinton admitted to having tried marijuana, but stated that he “didn’t like it, and didn’t inhale, and never tried it again.” He then asked if the host had any cheetos and pondered the odd nature of fingers. Also on this date, in 1918, Walmart founder Sam Walton was born. Walton once said: “There is only | Read More »

    Birthdays, and Dinosaurs, and Slavery, Oh My!

    Recently, the New York City public school system put out guidelines to providers of test materials to the district. The guidelines included a list of naughty words that should not be included in the materials, so as not to stress out, offend, or cause boo-boos to the children of the city, who are mainly made of glass it would seem. Among the no good, very | Read More »

    Daily Links – March 28, 2012

    Today is March 28th. On this date in 1930, Constantinople and Angora were renamed Istanbul and Ankara. So, Istanbul was Constantinople. Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople. Also on this date, in 1976, the band Genesis began their first tour with Phil Collins as lead singer. He left the band on this date in 1996. As a result, the song “In The Air Tonight” is now | Read More »

    Daily Links – March 26, 2012

    Today is March 26th. On this date, in 1827, classical composer Ludwig van Beethoven died in Vienna, Austria. He was, of course, one of history’s greatest composers. (I think my personal Beethoven favorite is probably Moonlight Sonata.) If he were alive today, he would probably say “Hi, I’m Gary Oldman.” Also on this date, in 2000, Vladimir Putin was elected President of Russia, thereby laying | Read More »

    Daily Links – March 23, 2012

    Today is March 23rd. On this date, in 1775, Patrick Henry famously said “Give me liberty, or give me death!” Today is also the 2nd anniversary of the passage of Obamacare. Things sure do change. Also on this date, in 1957, the U.S. Army apparently sold the last of its homing pigeons, having shut down the Pigeon Corps the year before. Statues and cars could | Read More »

    Same Talking Points For ALL The Countries

    The below video shows Danish broadcaster Thomas Buch-Anderson from Detektor analyzing some of what President Obama has to say about other nations. Via Ace of Spades HQ (h/t Adam Baldwin). Truly, the greatest orator of our time. Says Ace of Spades HQ, one of RedState’s strongest allies: “Remember, Obama has a gift. He said so.”

    Daily Links – March 22, 2012

    Today is March 22nd. On this date in 1903, the American side of Niagara Falls ran out of water due to drought, says the internet. But slowly the weather turned, and then, step by step, inch by inch, the water came back. Also on this date, in 1978, Karl Wallenda, founder of the flying Wallendas, died while trying to walk a tightrope between two ten | Read More »

    Daily Links – March 21, 2012

    Today is March 21st. On this date in 1788 the Great New Orleans Fire nearly destroyed the entire city, which lost 856 of about 1,100 buildings. It is widely believed that George W. Bush was responsible. Also on this date, in 1824, a Cairo munitions dump fire killed over four thousand horses. On this date in 1934, a fire destroyed the Japanese city of Hakodate, | Read More »

    How Much Do You Pay For Gas?

    “The tools we have at our disposal are limited, but I would I say I would give myself a little higher in that since I became Secretary of Energy, I’ve been doing everything I can to get long-term solutions.” – Energy Secretary Steven Chu, on whether he would give himself an A minus on gas prices. The above quote is from a House Hearing this | Read More »

    Daily Links – March 20, 2012

    Today is March 20th, and it is the first day of spring. (I knew by my constant sneezing.) On this date in 1413, Henry IV died and his son, Henry V, succeeded him. It was the first time a Shakespeare play had taken the throne. Also on this date, in 1976, Patty Hearst was convicted of bank robbery. She was initially sentenced to 35 years | Read More »