Open Thread: Today’s Best Screenshots

    First up, Tim Pawlenty tweets in response to criticism he’s received over his handling of the Obamneycare question during the GOP debate this week: Heh. Now that’s how to Tweet. Weiner: take note. And speaking of, the other screenshot of the day is …

    New RNC ad: Economic Turnaround?

    “Really? Seriously? Turnaround?” DNC Chairman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz will say anything to protect the jobs of her fellow Democrats and President Barack Obama. What has she done to protect your job lately? David Gregory’s summary pretty much nails it: “Clearly the economy has not been turned around.” “Americans don’t believe that’s the case.”

    Reince Priebus on NLRB, Boeing

    RedState has had extensive and in-depth coverage of the National Labor Relations Board prosecution of Boeing, most recently here and here. For an excellent analysis of why this is so important, and the possible consequences of this prosecution, read The NLRB’s Opening Of Pandora’s Box Beyond Boeing by LaborUnionReport. Today at, Chairman Reince Priebus has a good summary post up about the administration’s handling | Read More »

    Case Closed? Leftblog Claims Definitive Proof Weiner Was Framed.

    Case closed? Not so much. There is a post up at a the blog Cannonfire today titled: CASE CLOSED! CONGRESSMAN WEINER WAS FRAMED! Tweets of this article are blowing up on the #p2 hashtag on Twitter, and many blogs in the leftosphere are beginning to cite it, including Little Green Footballs and DailyKos diaries section. The post claims to definitively prove that Rep. Weiner could | Read More »

    New Obama 2012 Ad, RNC Response Ad

    The President’s 2012 campaign is underway, and they’ve released the first ad, titled “It Begins With Us.” Allow me to summarize: “Remember how much you liked the President in 2008? That was awesome. But he’s super busy now. Here are some pictures of farms and voters!” Kind of ironic name for a reelection campaign ad. Begins? What were the last four years, pre-boarding? Anyway, the | Read More »

    Live Feed: Restoring America Summit

    Program starts at 7pm eastern: This is a live feed of Freedomworks’ Restoring America Summit in Pittsburgh. Speakers include: Dick Armey, Matt Kibbe, Rose Tennent, Mary Katherine Ham, Scott Baker, Deneen Borelli, Dr. Tim Johnson, Author and Radio Host Tammy Bruce, YouTube sensation Thomas Paine, Cheryl Boise, and Steve Milloy of Junk Science. Feel free to listen and watch, and to treat this as an | Read More »

    Open Thread: Odyssey Dawn?

    Fairly amusing Daily Show bit on the muddled mission: I had a similar thought on the goal-in-motion earlier today on twitter. Clarity! OPEN THREAD

    Drill Here. Drill Now. PAY LESS.

    From the video description: Gas prices are rapidly increasing and could reach record levels by this summer, but President Obama is preventing us from harnessing our nation’s massive domestic oil supply. It’s time to tell President Obama to Drill Here, Drill Now. Even Bill Clinton says delay in permitting are “ridiculous”. Gas prices are out of control. I don’t even have to relate the skyrocketing | Read More »

    Video: Say DEBT 50 Times, Fast.

    The newest video from Freedom Works is out: .. and it is awesome. The avalanche of debt in America is epic in scope. And Governors are under siege by those who would do nothing. As the video says, this tea party ain’t over yet. Video directed and produced by Benjamin Howe for Freedom Works and

    Video: Michael Moore Robin Hoodwinked

    In the above video, Mary Katharine Ham absolutely devastates Michael Moore’s Robin Hood Hypothesis regarding America’s money woes. Spoiler alert: It’s a stupid hypothesis. The grand total of the combined net worth of every single one of America’s billionaires is roughly $1.3 trillion. It does indeed sound like a “ton of cash” until one considers that the 2011 deficit alone is $1.6 trillion. So, if | Read More »

    Video: 61 Billion Peanuts

    This short video, produced by the Cato Insitute, puts $61 Billion in spending cuts into alarming perspective. OPEN THREAD

    Olympic Logo Secret Message SCANDAL!!

    Iran is Irate (that was a gimme) over the 2012 London Olympics. More specifically, over the logo, threatening to boycott the games. You see, they believe there is a hidden message in the logo. Here, first, I menacingly present the original. I know what you’re thinking … UGLY. Agreed. (Or perhaps you were thinking: Is that Bill Clinton getting a … phone call? And for | Read More »

    Video: Story of Citizens United v. FEC, The Critique

    This is a great video that takes apart Annie Leonard’s (of Story of Stuff infamy) new video “The Story of Citizens United v. FEC.” Watch the whole thing, it’s an absolute fisking of a serial propagandist. You can see more videos from How The World Works here on the youtube channel.

    Video: New From FreedomConnector – Join The Fight

    This is the latest web ad from FreedomWorks. Focusing on the ongoing union protests, the video promotes their new website, I’ve used the site several times and it is a fantastic way to keep track of particular congressional districts, including who is holding events, when, where, and why. It also connects users to other politically active folks in their area. It’s very useful, very | Read More »

    Open Thread: Inhofe’s Green Ambush

    As reported this afternoon at RedState by diarist russellc, and in light of my earlier post featuring Ann McElhinney, here is Senator Inhofe in a similar green ambush from yesterday, ICYMI: Nicely done. As a side note, good on the Senator’s staff for having the good sense to take their own recording so there would be an unedited version available. Take note, hill staffers. | Read More »