Video: Obama Budget Ignores 800 Pound Gorilla

    From Citizens United, the latest 800 Pound Gorilla video: President Obama’s fiscal year 2012 budget ignores the 800 pound gorilla in the room – our $14,000,000,000,000.00 national debt. Consider this an Open Thread.

    The Needle: Lee Stranahan on Pigford, Snooki, and Breitbart

    In today’s podcast, Lori and I interview Lee Stranahan. Lee is a filmmaker, a Huffington Post contributor, a twitterer, and a known associate of Tommy Christopher. You should feel free to hold that against him. We discuss the details of the complex Pigford story which Lee has been investigating both independently and in conjunction with Andrew Breitbart and the Big sites. We have some fascinating | Read More »

    Morrissey interviews Breitbart about Pigford story

    From Hot Air, an update from Andrew Breitbart on the developing Pigford story, which is a sordid tale of fraud and scandal. This story has been investigated chiefly by Lee Stranahan, a liberal Huffington Post contributor who hasn’t been afraid to find the truth, or timid about posting his findings at BigJournalism and BigGovernment. Here’s Andrew with the latest. Part One: For part two, | Read More »

    Hollywood’s Green Screen, Take 1 Kabillion

    We all know what a green screen is. It’s that solid-color screen actors stand in front of while being filmed, in order that a scene may be digitally added behind them later. James Cameron uses them quite a bit in his films. But there’s another “green screen” that’s just as ubiquitous in Hollywood. For example, we’ve discussed here before James Cameron’s environmental hypocrisy; a “green | Read More »

    State Of The Union Open Thread

    We won’t be hosting a live blog tonight here at RedState. Please post commentary here in this open thread. Full text of the speech can be found at National Journal. Below, the word cloud of that transcript. If you are looking for a liveblog event, try FreedomWorks (with chat) or PJTV (live video coverage). Here’s the word cloud (click to view full size): OPEN THREAD

    State Of The Union Prom Dates

    At this week’s State of the Union address, those cards in the House and Senate are going to be a little more shuffled than usual. It seems in the interest of newing up the tone and de-rhetoricizing, the boys and girls have decided to find themselves speech buddies from across the aisle. Yes, in a move certain to send shivers of intimidation down the spines | Read More »

    Daily Links, January 20th

    100 Programs the Republican Study Committee Wants to Abolish or Cut – John McCormack, Weekly Standard As noted below, roughly $2.3 trillion of the $2.5 trillion in savings from the Republican Study Committee’s Spending Reduction Act would come from cutting non-defense discretionary spending to 2006 and freezing that spending through 2021. Bummer: Pima County Attorney muzzles Supercop – Ed Morrissey, Hot Air Awwwww. Obviously, the | Read More »

    The Daily Show: Happy Meal Ban Idiocy

    Via Hot Air, the below video is MY Happy Meal of the day. Daily Show Full Episodes This whole thing is great end to end, but the real money comes in around 3:02. Comedy show or not, I’ve never seen a nanny-stater get so completely obliterated by his own words so quickly or so definitively. Absolute gold. Previously: War On Food McEscalating Related: Ed Driscoll | Read More »

    112th: Open Thread

    Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines. Speaker Boehner has the gavel. OPEN THREAD.

    Daily Links, January 5th

    Canadian Caller’s Sobering Tale Of Surgery Delays – The Radio Equalizer (audio) h/t Hot Air During yesterday’s satellite radio program, libtalker Rosie O’Donnell wondered out loud just how beneficial universal health care could be when it results in a seven-to-nine year wait for beneficial surgery. DeMint: “Federal Government Has To Do Less, Not More” – Jason Mattera, Human Events “You almost have to laugh that | Read More »

    Daily Links, January 4

    Here’s what one second of national debt looks like – Andrew Malcolm Here’s why we mention June 1. On that day the national debt was “only” $13 trillion. It’s 214 days from June 1 through last Friday, Dec. 31. That’s 5,136 hours or 308,160 minutes or 18,489,600 seconds. In those seven short months the national debt increased by $1,000,000,000,000. That works out to be a | Read More »

    Greening Up Santa’s Sleigh

    Via Red County, the below video ponders what will happen when the California Air Resources Board finds out about Santa: . Of course, it won’t really matter anyway. He’ll be banned before he hits the first chimney. Santa is clearly using toys to entice children to consume unhealthy items like candy canes and hot chocolate and joy. And if there’s one thing California’s meddling democrat | Read More »

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    ‘Twas The Lame Duck Before Christmas

    A little Christmas satire that didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped. But I already typed it out and everything so … Consider this an open thread. A Lame Duck Christmas ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when scared like a mouse, A lame duck was stirring, Both in Senate and House. November elections, still hung in the air (though most of the Democrats just | Read More »

    Daily Links, December 16th

    Senator Coburn Lists Every Bit of Pork In New Omnibus Spending Bill – Ace of Spades HQ It’s a pet theory of mine that if a culture supports a particular kind of corruption, wars on corruption are the wrong way to go, because the culture doesn’t support it, and will undermine it at every turn. Sue Your Way to Responsible Parenting! – Slublog, Hot Air | Read More »

    Daily Links, December 14th

    Ethanol Idiocy Will Not Die – Rich Lowry, New York Post (via RealClearPolitics) When Al Gore drops an environmental fad, it has truly reached its expiration date. In his wisdom, the Goracle recently acknowledged what almost all disinterested observers concluded long ago: Ethanol is a fraud. It has no environmental benefits, and harmful side effects. The subsidies that support its use are an object lesson | Read More »