Ramirez On Debt Commission

    From Michael Ramirez at Investor’s Business Daily: h/t Ed Morrissey, in this excellent article.

    Daily Links, December 7th

    Chart of the … year – Ed Morrissey, Hot Air I’d call this the Chart of the Year, for a couple of reasons. It demonstrates the folly of the Obama administration’s insistence that we have been experiencing a recovery and any sort of significant growth in job creation. After hitting the nadir of job losses relative to our peak inter-recession employment, we have essentially flatlined | Read More »

    Daily Links, December 6th

    WikiLeaks Cables: Barack Obama is a Bigger Danger – John Bolton, Guardian WikiLeaks has yet again flooded the internet with thousands of classified American documents, this time state department cables. More troubling than WikiLeaks’ latest revelation of US secrets, however, is the Obama administration’s weak, wrong-headed and erratic response. Unfortunately, the administration has acted consistently with its demonstrated unwillingness to assert and defend US interests | Read More »

    Hot Air Tour Cancun Live Webcast

    Click here to watch. Live now! The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 16) will meet in Cancun, Mexico from November 29 – December 10 2010; and Americans for Prosperity is taking our Hot Air Tour there to meet them. International bureaucrats are heading down to the COP meeting in Cancun for a series of conferences aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions; transferring wealth and | Read More »

    Open Thread: Hallelujah!

    . h/t Victoria Jackson. For those without video, it’s a Christmas flash mob, and it’s pretty awesome. OPEN THREAD

    Daily Links, November 30th

    “Scientists get cells to switch types/tasks directly, thus avoiding the whole inefficient/costly/not very fruitful embryonic stem cell nonsense/rabbit hole.” – Ace of Spades HQ I’ve always been fairly confident actual science would eventually render all the political/moral/religious theater surrounding the embryonic stem cell kerfluffle obsolete. Whack WikiLeaks – William Kristol But all of this still leaves us looking like a pitiful, helpless giant—albeit a pitiful, | Read More »

    The Climate Conference Echo Chamber

    Phelim McAleer is a journalist. In his capacity as a journalist, he is a skeptic. The role of skeptic – the one who asks the questions, the one who demands answers – is generally a lauded role in modern society. At least .. as long as there’s a Republican on the hot seat. But in climate circles, they have another word, a pejorative term, for | Read More »

    Open Thread: Pat Sajak on Twitter

    In the video above, Pat Sajak’s twitter “process” is revealed, in all its hipness. Via @PatSajak, of course. OPEN THREAD

    Daily Links, Nov 29th

    The Times, Then and Now – Powerline The New York Times is participating in the dissemination of the stolen State Department cables that have been made available to it in one way or another via WikiLeaks. My friend Steve Hayward recalls that only last year the New York Times ostentatiously declined to publish or post any of the Climategate emails because they had been illegally | Read More »

    A Few Afternoon Links

    Obama’s Message To The World – Powerline The Obama administration has a message for the world. The message is something along these lines: The United States is very bad, but Barack Obama is very good. He seeks to redeem America from its evil. Eye on the UN has compiled the disgusting video below of the United States abasing itself before some of the most reprehensible | Read More »

    Trifecta: Don’t Touch My Junk

    . PJTV’s Scott Ott, Stephen Kruiser, and Stephen Green talk TSA, nudity, and George Bush. Oh, and copious use of the word “j-word,” which is a new one on me but should be someone’s name on Jersey Shore any day now. Great episode, and Ott’s wrap-up is fantastic. You can also hear me, Lori Ziganto, and Moe Lane on these topics, and also the relative | Read More »

    Nobody Wants A Fruitcake.

    . Citizens United has launched a new website today: Nancy Pelosi Fruitcake. The campaign has three videos, including the one above (although actually this one is my favorite) to answer the question “what are the Democrats giving you this holiday season?” The Dem vote of confidence for Pelosi pretty much says it all. The election held no lessons for them, no “teachable moments” to use | Read More »

    Bikers Escort Cody Alicea To School

    Remember that student who was told to take the American flag off of his bike because tolerance or racism or George Bush or whatever? Yeah. Try telling that to all of these folks, California. . For those without video, 13 year old Cody Alicea was escorted to Denair Middle School by veterans and bikers, all proudly flying the American flag on their bikes. More video | Read More »

    Sunday Night Open Thread

    Enjoy it before they pull it. Awesome. OPEN THREAD.

    G.I. Film Festival on Military Channel

    The G.I. Film Festival is an annual event held in D.C. featuring films that “honor the American men and women in uniform and the world wide struggle for freedom and democracy.” In just a few years it’s become a major event, with stars like Kelsey Grammer, Gary Sinise, and Jon Voight participating, and appearances by prominent members of the military community such as Senator John | Read More »