Open Thread: From The Mouths Of Babes

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    Grayson’s “Draft-dodger” Ad Loses Top “Slimy Ad” Spot

    … To another Alan Grayson ad: . For those who can’t watch the video, the Grayson campaign, in pseudo-Arabic scare font, has dubbed oppponent Daniel Webster “Taliban Dan.” At Hot Air, Ed Morrissey says: Gee, I seem to recall how Democrats used to shriek hysterically about having people impugn their patriotism for opposing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, suddenly, quoting either Ephesians 5 | Read More »

    Alan Grayson Hates America

    h/t Hot Air Alan Grayson’s latest campaign ad smears his Republican opponent, Daniel Webster, as a draft-dodging America-hater. Which means, according to established Democrat protocols: Alan Grayson hates America. For eight years under President Bush, the loud left loudly protested against people “impugning” their patriotism if they opposed the war. Loudly. It didn’t matter what they were doing or saying. Crafting the “slow bleed” strategy | Read More »

    Big Bird vs. First Lady

    I know, I know, birfers suck. But it’s funny. I just can’t help myself. . As Jon Stewart once said, you’re allowed to laugh at him OPEN THREAD

    November is Coming

    Where do you stand? Normally at RedState we post a brief description of any videos we post. But this one … you just have to watch it. November. It’s coming. Video created and produced by Ben Howe.

    Grading Green: Obama’s Plan To Frowny Face Your Car

    Going green is among the most self-congratulatory of liberal pieties. Even science!™ has noted that environmentalists can be “smug jerks.” With dire predictions they frighten, with wagging fingers they shame. And who is more likely to embrace such pompous self-righteousness than the “ocean-rise-slower“-in-Chief? President Obama is keen on green. So keen, in fact, that he that he appointed truther Van Jones as his “Green Jobs | Read More »

    California Crisis Management – Prop 23

    When you attend an event like this weekend’s BlogCon, hosted by Freedom Works, you get to meet people from all around the country. As you trade stories from your local and state communities, it’s fascinating to find out details on issues that get only passing mention in national politics. Races, redistricting, policies, and more that will be decided this year on election day. For me, | Read More »


    The Rhetoric of Violence

    Today, James Jay Lee died, shot by police. Lee walked into the headquarters of the Discovery Channel in Silver Springs, Maryland, armed and seemingly strapped with a bomb. Though most of the building was evacuated safely, Lee managed to take three people hostage. The stand-off lasted several hours, and ended when Maryland police had no choice but deadly force to finally ensure the safety of | Read More »

    Photoshop Contest: Oval Office Makeover

    Judging by twitter, the Oval Office makeover is the MOST IMPORTANT STORY EVAH! Therefore, we’re having a photoshop contest. Because Bush. Here is the link to the original photo. Da Rules: Don’t be profane, don’t be disgusting, don’t be crazy. This is for fun. Da Reward: Winner will be chosen by me whenever I feel like it. If you are selected as the winner, you’ll | Read More »

    Glenn Beck Assassinated Martin Luther King

    Rhetorically. Possibly with a rhetorical plate glass window. Just remember, YOU are the hate-mongers. You soulless, lost, Father Coughlin Nazi rhetorical assassins! (But he doesn’t mean that in a mean way.) OPEN THREAD.

    A Funny Thing Happens On The Way To The Lincoln Memorial …

    … if you’re going by Google Maps, that is. See for yourself. A reader emails that if you search Google today, on the eve of Glenn Beck’s rally, a search for Lincoln Memorial turns up, instead, the wrong address. And not just any wrong address either; it takes you to the FDR Memorial. Curious. A quick look at Google Trends shows that Lincoln Memorial is, | Read More »

    Cameron’s ‘High Noon’ Canceled At 11th Hour

    “I want to call those deniers out into the street at high noon and shoot it out with those boneheads.” James Cameron on global warming skeptics in March. In March of this year, famed director and amateur hole stuffer James Cameron threw down the green gauntlet, stating in an interview that he wanted to debate global warming skeptics in a most public way, the better | Read More »

    War on Food McEscalating

    I like bacon. I know, courageous stance right? Bacon is one of the delights of life on this earth. It’s a universal good, a boon; manna. But like any universal good on this earth, there are those who disapprove. PETA, for example, and for obvious reasons. Luckily, I don’t see PETA successfully instituting global bacon sharia anytime soon. On the other hand, they may not | Read More »

    Gutfeld On Beck On Cordoba On Gay Bar

    Via The Right Scoop: For the source of Glenn’s favorite proposed name, follow Lori Ziganto on Twitter! Read more on Greg’s twitter exchange with the ground zero mosque spokesperson at Hot Air. Consider this an OPEN THREAD.

    Sometimes You CAN Judge A Book By Its Cover

    Over at The Corner today, Jonah Goldberg posted the newly released cover of the new book coming out from Markos Moulitsas. Noting the strangely familiar cover, he remarked: Kos’ book cover approaches the highest form of flattery Indeed. You’re probably wondering what the smiley face really has to do with Markos’ book. I mean, with Liberal Fascism, it makes sense. In fact, it’s even explained | Read More »