Nobody Wants A Fruitcake.

    . Citizens United has launched a new website today: Nancy Pelosi Fruitcake. The campaign has three videos, including the one above (although actually this one is my favorite) to answer the question “what are the Democrats giving you this holiday season?” The Dem vote of confidence for Pelosi pretty much says it all. The election held no lessons for them, no “teachable moments” to use | Read More »

    Bikers Escort Cody Alicea To School

    Remember that student who was told to take the American flag off of his bike because tolerance or racism or George Bush or whatever? Yeah. Try telling that to all of these folks, California. . For those without video, 13 year old Cody Alicea was escorted to Denair Middle School by veterans and bikers, all proudly flying the American flag on their bikes. More video | Read More »

    Sunday Night Open Thread

    Enjoy it before they pull it. Awesome. OPEN THREAD.

    G.I. Film Festival on Military Channel

    The G.I. Film Festival is an annual event held in D.C. featuring films that “honor the American men and women in uniform and the world wide struggle for freedom and democracy.” In just a few years it’s become a major event, with stars like Kelsey Grammer, Gary Sinise, and Jon Voight participating, and appearances by prominent members of the military community such as Senator John | Read More »

    Semper Fi, Marines

    Today, Marines around the world celebrate and honor 235 years of service. The above video remembers those who fought at the Frozen Chosin, and the heroes fighting in Afghanistan at this very moment. It’s well worth watching to the end. Semper Fidelis and Ooh-rah, Marines. Happy Birthday and God Bless the United States Marine Corps.


    Rachel Maddow’s Nickels and Dimes

    This devastating video (and accompanying blog post) by Johnny Dollar is an instant classic: . It’s long, but worth watching all the way through. Rachel claims Fox News is a political operation, whereas MSNBC is a news organization. Anyone who saw their ridiculous election night coverage is already laughing out loud. Everyone else .. watch this video and join the mirth. H/T Jim Treacher.

    Renee Ellmers Recount Fund

    Folks, it ain’t over til it’s over. Bob “manhandle” Etheridge is pushing a recount in North Carolina, and Renee Ellmers needs our help. From her blog: Dear Supporters, Election night, after the ten counties in my district had reported their votes, I led Bob Etheridge by 2,100 votes. (That number is crucial because under North Carolina law Congressman Etheridge is not entitled to an ‘automatic | Read More »

    Election Night at RedState

    Tonight, stick with RedState for up to date online coverage of what I’m calling (D)emolition 2010. We will be hosting a CoverItLive chat once the results start rolling in. We also have a nifty chart (that will be updated regularly with results) that shows the 122 House Districts currently held by Dems that are legitimately in play. For each Democrat, the chart includes the Democrat’s | Read More »

    Video: Elections Have Consequences

    This is the latest video from Ben Howe. For the first two in what is shaping up to be a series, go here or here. If there is one characteristic every Democrat in the above video shares, it’s arrogant disdain. They know best, you don’t. Alan Grayson says you’re gullible. Disagree? Let him know. There are two weeks left. First, vote with your money. | Read More »

    James Cameron: Green For Thee

    .. but not for he. The video above, by Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer, shows the hypocrisy of the “carbon-intensive” lifestyle of green proselytizer James Cameron. Cameron recently dropped a million dollars into the Prop 23 fight. As Ann points out at BigGovernment, Cameron isn’t the only Prop 23 opposition financier living large. It is typical of the hypocrisy of the “awareness” pimps on the | Read More »

    Breaking! Secret Chamber of Commerce Meeting REVEALED!

    Democrat Operatives have, at great personal risk, managed to sneak out this internal recording: Wow. Breathtaking stuff. If you can’t see the video, suffice it to say it’s footage of a secret meeting of the secretive secretiness of the secret Chamber of Commerce, where they reveal ALL THEIR SECRETS! This is very for real and very important. I’m super cereal! I join with Erick and | Read More »

    Lean Leftward: MSNBC Ad Revealed

    Jim Treacher posted this hilarious Keith Olbermann ad yesterday at The Daily Caller. Like Olby’s show, the esteem Keith has for Keith is by far the dominant message. (Full ad embedded below the fold.) Bu if you just can’t bear to click through and watch it, fear not! Treacher and Mary Katharine Ham have refined the ad for your viewing pleasure, below: . There’s really | Read More »

    Open Thread: Maybe You Misspoke … Again

    . I believe that’s what you call a “smack down.” For those who can’t watch the clip, the relevant portion is below the fold, via The Washington Times. h/t The Right Scoop. OPEN THREAD.

    New York Fights Scourge of Capital-ism

    Opening a new front in the War on Error, New York City will soon spend an estimated 27 million dollars to get the city’s thousands of street signs to STOP YELLING AT YOU! In the name of readability the city will be moving from CAPS LOCK to Title Case on all street signs. There are over a quarter of a million signs to be replaced | Read More »

    Bizarre “Caper” Targets CNN Reporter

    The above video report is just the tip of the iceberg in this story about a bizarre attempt at what is generously being referred to in the media as a “prank” or a “punk”. For my part, I’m not so sure those words will do. Look, I’m not a journalist. I’m a blogger. But the term “citizen journalism” is a popular one these days, most | Read More »