Congressman, Heal Thy Street

    “For too long, Washington has worked for the wealthy and well connected. I want to put Washington to work for working families, whether they wear shirts and ties, or hard hats and safety boots to work.” – Congressman Harry Teague, 2008 Harry Teague is having a tough year. Back in 2008, Teague bragged to voters that his businesses provided health care coverage for all his | Read More »

    Open Thread: Erick Erickson at RightOnline 2010

    You might recognize this guy. I hear he’s on CNN. .

    Ann McElhinney at RightOnline 2010

    Simply awesome. . “So when my husband and I came to America, we heard a story about conservatives. We heard that these conservatives are a really really weird lot. Nutjobs, basically. And these conservatives, they’re obsessed with sex. They’re obsessed with sex and they’re obsessed with what you’re doing in your bedroom. It’s all they think about. They’re just constantly worrying about what you’re up | Read More »

    Right Online Post-Game

    It was Vegas, baby. Right Online 2010 was a spectacular event. While the nutrooters frittered away their time listening to Van Jones preach green socialism, or on the casino floor playing African-American-jack and Poker(orim), we denizens of the online right were listening to serious policy discussion, getting tips on building our social networks, and pouring ice all over audio equipment for fun and profit. There | Read More »

    Tammy Bruce and Smart Girl Take Over Vegas

    RedState and Smart Girl Politics are both at Right Online in force this year. Today, I’m at Radio Row, and am lucky enough to be here to hear some of the Smart Girls, including Teri Christoph, Tabitha Hale, and even special guests Christine O’Donnell and Pamela Gorman, as they go on the air with Tammy Bruce on her show. Click below if you want to join | Read More »

    The Racism Race

    Let’s write a script for a Lifetime movie. Set it in the 80s. The main character is older. He’s white. Heavy-set, glasses.. balding. Sweaty. You know the sort. What Winston Churchill would look like if he were raised in a shack on a farm out west during the Dust Bowl era. You know .. a redneck. Lets call him Bob. Bob works for an insurance | Read More »

    Lee Fisher Is Having A Tough Week

    Earlier this week, I pointed out that Democrat Senate candidate Lee Fisher of Ohio had some trouble counting volunteers during the 4th of July weekend. (Hey, what’s 48 phantom people between friends right?) His overestimate was widely and hilariously mocked. Not a fun start to your work week there. Well, not for him anyway, I thought it was hilarious. And it didn’t get any better | Read More »

    The Curiouser Case of The Curiously Uncurious Case of Carly Fiorina’s Protesters

    Curious Protesters, Perhaps Performing Some Kind Of Curious Ritualistic Dance. Curiously.. Yesterday, FishbowlLA posted a blog entry titled “The Curious Case of Carly Fiorina’s Protesters” which had a whole bunch of photo evidence that the Fiorina campaign was recycling protesters at various rallies across California. I mean, they had like SIX WHOLE PHOTOS!! Emanations of penumbras of implications let fly over aforementioned voluminous evidence. Astroturfers? | Read More »

    “Robert Byrd & His Racist Party”

    Daniel J. Flynn has the top story today at Human Events: Robert Byrd’s death severs the Democratic Party’s most glaring link to its racist past. Rather than let the party’s embarrassing past fade from memory with Robert Byrd, party heavyweights have lamely obfuscated their former senate majority leader’s past as a “Kleagle” and an “Exalted Cyclops” in the Ku Klux Klan. “He once had a | Read More »

    Counting is Hard

    Jim Geraghty reported yesterday, in this hilariously titled article, on Democrat Lee Fisher’s equally hilarious overestimate on volunteers joining him for the Fourth of July parade in Northland, Ohio. Today I saw the below video and had a good chuckle. . Fifty: I do not think it means what you think it means, Mr. Fisher. You can read more about Fisher’s opponent, Republican Rob Portman, | Read More »

    Capt. Pete Hegseth on Elena Kagan.

    . Devastating. There’s nothing to add. OPEN THREAD

    Michael Steele’s Unwinnable War

    Below, watch instantly infamous video of Michael Steele’s odious remarks on Afghanistan. Here is my own transcription, as best as my deaf ear could produce. Well the McChrystal incident um, to me was very telling. And I think it’s a reflection of frustration that a lot of our military leaders have with this administration and their prosecution of the war in Afghanistan. Keep in mind, | Read More »

    Reason’s Nanny of the Month Cracks Down On … Ladies’ Night?

    Via Glenn Reynolds: Says Busybodies in Illinois are itching to bag baggy pants, and -Holy handcuffs, Batman! -in Los Angeles they’re throwing the Caped Crusader behind bars! But there can be only one Nanny of the Month, and this time it’s the state bureaucrat who’s thumbing his nose at the great Kool & the Gang anthem by cracking down on bars and restaurants that | Read More »

    Sen. Lemieux: “It’s not just oil washing up on the shore Mr. President, it’s failure.”

    Via The Right Scoop: Unlike President Obama, Senator George LeMieux (R-FL) has no confusion about just whose ass needs kicked. For more from Senator LeMieux, check out his excellent appearance on the Ed Morrissey show just after delivering said kicking. (embed below the fold.) Please consider this an OPEN THREAD.

    “Kagan’s Lying Her Pearls Off”

    Ben Shapiro has the top story today at Human Events: I truly like Elena Kagan, but she is doing a terrible job of telling the truth during these hearings. At yesterdays proceedings, she lied in no less than five areas of the law, none of them boding well for the future of the Constitution. Abortion Kagan was asked by Senator Jeff Sessions about a memo | Read More »