Obama to Seniors: ‘Drop Dead’

    Robert E. Moffit has the top story today at Human Events: According to surveys, no group of Americans is more skeptical of Obamacare than senior citizens—and with good reason. While bits and pieces of the massive law are designed to appeal to seniors—more taxpayer subsidies for the Medicare drug benefit, for example—much of the financing over the initial ten years is siphoned off from an | Read More »

    Megyn Kelly on Joe McGinniss: “Deplorable”

    Via Palin Twibe: Anyone who can’t see the creep factor in this either has their blinders on or their blinds closed and their binoculars out. (Lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground.) The smarmy lefties batting their eyelashes and coyly pretending not to see a problem aren’t fooling anyone. Setting up a 24/7 surveillance unit on a politician’s home and family life | Read More »



    From Join us in asking the White House tough questions via Twitter by directing them to Gibbs’ Twitter handle @PressSec and using the hashtag #AskGibbs. I’m in. Good times. Do join us, won’t you? The tag is going gangbusters, and even the MSM is getting huffy. Feel free to post your tweets in the comments. (Include the link so people can retweet you.) And | Read More »

    Joe Biden to EU: You Got This

    The Obama World Apology tour never seems to end, does it? Although over time, it has morphed from apologizing for perceived wrongs committed against poor little rest of the world by mean old America, into simply apologizing for mean old America existing in the first place. At every step this administration eschews the idea of American leadership and declares the virtue of world governing bodies. | Read More »

    “Why There Should Be No Mosques at Ground Zero”

    Robert Spencer has the top story today at Human Events: Now that it has been revealed that not one, but two mosques are planned for the area around Ground Zero, the supremacist and triumphalist character of this effort is clearer than ever. Is the Muslim population of lower Manhattan so huge that one projected mosque—even one so large as to be housed within a 15 | Read More »

    Parking Would Be Difficult, Staying Alive Even Harder.

    Dale Robertson is all over the blogosphere this morning. As reported at The Minority Report, Stix Blog, Mediaite, The Washington Post, and most importantly, right here at Redstate, Robertson’s PR flack sent out a press release yesterday touting his new position as Tea Party columnist for the Washington Times (full text below the fold). Yes, the “N-word sign” guy. Yikes. As a result of the | Read More »

    Welcome to Diversity University

    Listen to the Fox and Rice Experience, up top today at Human Events: FRX would like to wish the class of 2010 and all the college students graduating around the nation over the next few weeks, good luck. Good luck being unemployed. But hey, look on the bright side: now that you’re done draining your dad’s savings dry for tuition payments, you can mooch off | Read More »

    Radical Islam? Never Heard Of It.

    This is a few days old (ancient in blog years) but it’s instructive nevertheless: . This position is the inevitable refuge: simple denial. Once it becomes clear that a truth cannot be assimilated into his leftist worldview, he simply Ministry of Truths it out of being. There is a lot of whitewashing going on during this euphemism-prone administration, but self-appointed Imam Alan Colmes’ declaration of | Read More »

    Coming Soon: Scoring Points Through Activism

    Next week, will be debuting a new API, the purpose of which is to encourage people to blog, tweet, facebook, tag, tumblr, digg … well, let’s just summarize it as “get their internet on” in pursuit of winning elections. It’s not the first API released by Republicans. The House GOP released the Anywhere API, which allows developers to focus on keeping tabs on big | Read More »

    Open Thread: Wink, Wink

    You can trust Charlie Crist. Wink, wink. OPEN THREAD

    Rules, Glorious Rules!

    Citizens, attention! The government makes hundreds upon hundreds of rules every year using a vast network of agencies and bodies and other such wondrous government words. And that is great, because you might hurt yourself if we didn’t. So make a video telling us how awesome it is that we make rules for you! Maybe we’ll make making rules videos a rule!! RULES!!!!!! From the | Read More »

    Matthews Pines for Executions and Nationalization

    Via Newsbusters and Hot Air … Never let a crisis go to waste: You know, I have a suspicion I’ll go back to it again. I don’t think they’re doing their best. I don’t think the government is doing its best. Why doesn’t the President go in there, nationalize an industry and get the job done for the people? There’s a national interest in this, | Read More »

    DCCC Ad Pulled For Lies About Tim Burns

    As first reported by Moe Lane, Sinclair Broadcasting’s Pittsburgh affiliate WPGH-TV has pulled a recent DCCC ad for making false claims about Republican Candidate Tim Burns, according to a statement from the campaign. The ad falsely stated that Burn supports a 23% national sales tax and that he wants to ship jobs overseas. Burns Campaign Spokesperson Kent Gates notes that Critz has already been called | Read More »

    Human Events: The Way to Block Kagan

    Kagan’s confirmation is inevitable, right? So says the CW. Human Events’ John Gizzi begs to differ. While many conservatives say the Democrats’ 59-to-41 advantage in the Senate guarantees confirmation of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, one of the most renowned experts on Senate rules and procedures says “not so.” “Kagan can be stopped, but only if Republicans in the Senate are willing to go | Read More »


    Fake But True, Says Science!

    Via Glenn Reynolds: Science Magazine: “We are deeply disturbed by the recent escalation of political assaults on scientists in general and on climate scientists in particular. All citizens should understand some basic scientific facts.” So very disturbed. Poor scientists. And not just scientists, but think about the poor polar bears. All stranded and alone and floating. Well not this one though. Totally fake. But you | Read More »