Coming Soon: Scoring Points Through Activism

    Next week, will be debuting a new API, the purpose of which is to encourage people to blog, tweet, facebook, tag, tumblr, digg … well, let’s just summarize it as “get their internet on” in pursuit of winning elections. It’s not the first API released by Republicans. The House GOP released the Anywhere API, which allows developers to focus on keeping tabs on big | Read More »

    Open Thread: Wink, Wink

    You can trust Charlie Crist. Wink, wink. OPEN THREAD

    Rules, Glorious Rules!

    Citizens, attention! The government makes hundreds upon hundreds of rules every year using a vast network of agencies and bodies and other such wondrous government words. And that is great, because you might hurt yourself if we didn’t. So make a video telling us how awesome it is that we make rules for you! Maybe we’ll make making rules videos a rule!! RULES!!!!!! From the | Read More »

    Matthews Pines for Executions and Nationalization

    Via Newsbusters and Hot Air … Never let a crisis go to waste: You know, I have a suspicion I’ll go back to it again. I don’t think they’re doing their best. I don’t think the government is doing its best. Why doesn’t the President go in there, nationalize an industry and get the job done for the people? There’s a national interest in this, | Read More »

    DCCC Ad Pulled For Lies About Tim Burns

    As first reported by Moe Lane, Sinclair Broadcasting’s Pittsburgh affiliate WPGH-TV has pulled a recent DCCC ad for making false claims about Republican Candidate Tim Burns, according to a statement from the campaign. The ad falsely stated that Burn supports a 23% national sales tax and that he wants to ship jobs overseas. Burns Campaign Spokesperson Kent Gates notes that Critz has already been called | Read More »

    Human Events: The Way to Block Kagan

    Kagan’s confirmation is inevitable, right? So says the CW. Human Events’ John Gizzi begs to differ. While many conservatives say the Democrats’ 59-to-41 advantage in the Senate guarantees confirmation of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, one of the most renowned experts on Senate rules and procedures says “not so.” “Kagan can be stopped, but only if Republicans in the Senate are willing to go | Read More »


    Fake But True, Says Science!

    Via Glenn Reynolds: Science Magazine: “We are deeply disturbed by the recent escalation of political assaults on scientists in general and on climate scientists in particular. All citizens should understand some basic scientific facts.” So very disturbed. Poor scientists. And not just scientists, but think about the poor polar bears. All stranded and alone and floating. Well not this one though. Totally fake. But you | Read More »


    Attack of the 50 ft. Pelosi!!

    Be. Afraid. . Easily the most photo-realistic graphics since Avatar. Also, if Tim Burns buttons really shoot lasers that is AWESOME. PA-12 is a race of gigantic import. It’s giant. Huge! Tall! Ok it’s not tall, but you get the picture. The special election next week in Pennsylvania is significant. Tim Burns can win. And you can help. Click here to contribute to the Tim | Read More »

    Update: Confirmed, White Substance Mailed to Governor Brewer

    I just spoke with Chief Andrew Staubitz of the Capitol Police in Phoenix, Arizona. This morning, police and the fire department responded to a call from the first floor of the executive tower of the Arizona Capitol. An employee opened an envelope addressed to Governor Jan Brewer which contained a “powdery white substance.” The immediate area and lobby were closed for about thirty minutes, during | Read More »

    Maybe They Should Have Sent Spit

    UPDATE: Confirmed, white powdery substance was found in an envelope addressed to Governor Brewer. Click here to read our report. . Earlier today, I saw a number of tweets (Twitter messages for the unclean among you) indicating that a hazmat crew was investigating an incident at the Arizona State Capitol building. I couldn’t find any press reports, and there was nothing on the cable news | Read More »

    I don’t know much about art …

    … but I know what gives me horrible night terrors. And it is this painting. The Florida GOP is selling this portrait of Dorian Gray .. err, Charlie Crist, with the stated intent of recovering some of the funds they wasted on Crist’s campaign. The Hill has the details here. The item description paints quite a portrait of its own. Check out this excerpt: Privately | Read More »

    Coakley: Happy MLK Day! But enough about him …

    Shorter Martha Coakley: Voting for me was Martin Luther King’s famous Dream. You don’t hate his dream … do you?* You know, originally I was going to clip the best bits from Martha Coakley‘s speech this morning at a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast, but I realized there’s nothing to clip. You really have to drink the whole thing in. . “If Dr. King | Read More »

    The Internet is a Frikkin Valuable Thing

    USA Today this week ran a shocking story which revealed just how easy it was to buy one’s way into cherry appointments, reporting that 40% of his top bundlers have been awarded administration posts. Moe Lane highlights all the other perks and benefits being showered on “the money” as well. Today Big Government highlights something worth reiterating. USA Today goes on to report that one | Read More »

    Malkin’s err, org, whatever … Emblem Contest

    Michelle Malkin is hosting an amusing photoshop contest this evening. You see, and I know this will shock you, but Obama has come out with a gitchy, stylized, web 2.0-ish logo, or “emblem” for his economic “recovery” plan, which you can see floating cutely to the right here. So, being the resident photoshop nerd here at Redstate, I thought I’d take a shot. Click through | Read More »

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