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    Great Video! Nevada Assemblywoman Faces Off With MSNBC Host Over Bundy Ranch

    Yesterday, MSNBC host Chris Hayes interviewed Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, and the result was a fantastic bit of back and forth about the Bundy ranch situation. As Caleb notes at The Right Scoop, Fiore doesn’t cede ground to Hayes, nor does she let him lead her onto his own talking points. Instead she stays on target and comes across strong and uncompromising. At Hot Air, Jazz | Read More »

    Mitch is in Trouble. #McConnelling

    Mitch is in Trouble. #McConnelling

    This is a thing now. I even got a mentioned on MSNBC because it is such a thing. But this is by far the best version of that thing. Created during the work day by my Art Director, Michael Deppisch. Consider this an open thread obviously.

    Google’s Faux Privacy Outrage, #01100010 01110101 01101100 01101100 01110011 01101000 01101001 01110100

    Google’s Faux Privacy Outrage, #01100010 01110101 01101100 01101100 01110011 01101000 01101001 01110100

    My old pal Eric Schmidt – you know, the guy who was hanging out in Obama’s Chicago campaign headquarters on Election Day eve in 2012, only to later bankroll a consulting firm exclusively for Democrats – is at it again, trying to convince the world that he and Google are really, for serious, super-duper upset about the NSA invading our privacy. Schmidt told a conference | Read More »

    Obama: You could afford insurance if you gave up your cable and phone

    Obama: You could afford insurance if you gave up your cable and phone

    In 2009, President Obama famously told a woman that her 100 year old mother who might be refused a pacemaker under Obamacare might need to “simply take pain killers.” This is an attitude common to liberals. They know what’s best and when pushed, they’ll spell it out for you: make whatever accommodations you must but you will comply with what they’ve presented to you as | Read More »

    Does President Obama Think Sandwiches & Taxes are the Same Thing?

    This can’t go unanswered. Last week Kentucky Senatorial candidate Matt Bevin got in hot water for some comments he made about gay marriage. “If it’s all right to have same-sex marriages, why not define a marriage — because at the end of the day a lot of this ends up being taxes and who can visit who in the hospital and there’s other repressions and | Read More »

    EXCLUSIVE: Emails Show SC Attorney General Concerned About Absentee Voter Compliance

    Last week, the Super PAC of which I am a board member, Carolina Conservatives United, announced our intention to push for South Carolina to come into compliance with existing federal election law as it pertains to absentee ballots and the amount of time overseas troops & citizens have to get their votes counted. Federal law requires a 45 day period, however South Carolina currently misses | Read More »

    Thomas Sowell Makes the Case for Ted Cruz

    Thomas Sowell Makes the Case for Ted Cruz

    I’ve spent most of the last 12 hours debating whether or not conservative hero Thomas Sowell jumped the shark with a recent article he wrote about Senator Ted Cruz. In it, Sowell warns against the politics of self-interest and the dangers of failing to unify at delicate points in history. More to the point, he accuses Ted Cruz of working against such unity and invokes | Read More »

    South Carolina Is About To Get Interesting

    South Carolina Is About To Get Interesting

    Out of all the Republican primaries taking place across the country, there is only one that I have taken an active interest in seeing a particular outcome. Senator Lindsey Graham has given voters a litany of reasons to doubt his loyalty to the ideals of small government conservatism. But really it boils down to this: why should we have to have a “good enough” Senator | Read More »

    Obama’s Plan to Bankrupt Coal Continues Without Congress

    Obama's Plan to Bankrupt Coal Continues Without Congress

    Remember back during the 2008 presidential campaign when Barack Obama promised to bankrupt anyone who wanted to build a coal-fired power plant and essentially shut down the coal industry? For those not paying attention, despite his inability to get cap-and-trade passed, he is still pursuing this plan. Now, he’s doing it via EPA regulations known as New Source Performance Standards (NSPS)– which amount to a “cap” | Read More »

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    The @NYTimes Touts 2.5 Million Full Time Job Losses as a Win

    The @NYTimes Touts 2.5 Million Full Time Job Losses as a Win

    This morning I caught an editorial from the New York Times which just blew my mind. In light of the news that the CBO has identified 2.5 million full time jobs that will go away as a result of Obamacare, the paper of record let everyone know that this is working as intended. The Congressional Budget Office estimated on Tuesday that the Affordable Care Act | Read More »

    Missing the lessons of the NC unemployment “experiment.”

    Missing the lessons of the NC unemployment "experiment."

    Let me get some housekeeping out of the way first. I wrote an article last year when the cutting of unemployment benefits was first proposed which made some on the left angry. Most that were upset with my take (that generally speaking, it would be good for the economy to cut it) missed the entire point which, in fact, was not an economic argument as | Read More »

    VIDEO: Boehner’s 36 Hour Budget

    VIDEO: Boehner's 36 Hour Budget

    John Boehner has made a lot of promises over the years about the type of Congress he would lead as Speaker. As is often the case in Washington, it seems that his actions aren’t lining up with his rhetoric. And so, here we are faced with a major budget vote and yet members of Congress are only being given 36 hours to read it, understand | Read More »

    Batkid vs The Nanny

    Arguably the viral story of this past week has been the tale of five-year-old Miles Scott, aka the San Francisco Batkid. Scott, a leukemia patient whose brush with fame comes courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, reportedly spent a day capturing fake “criminals” from Batman’s Rogues gallery, before being celebrated at the San Francisco Civic Center by San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee. The total cost of | Read More »

    Special Pleading: Don’t Dismiss a Conspiracy Because it is a Conspiracy

    Special Pleading: Don't Dismiss a Conspiracy Because it is a Conspiracy

    Now that we’ve had about 12 hours for the article to sink in, the potential bombshell dropped at the NY Post is starting to find its naysayers. To be clear, I do not believe in widespread govt conspiracy to phony all the numbers to make Obama look better — James Pethokoukis (@JimPethokoukis) November 19, 2013 This is a wholly expected turn of events but all | Read More »

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    NSA’s Preferred Vendor

    If the experience of email provider Lavabit, and its implications for Gmail users, hasn’t been enough to convince those who use Google’s tools regularly that the search giant maybe doesn’t have our best interests at heart when it cozies up to Uncle Sam, then maybe this will. In a pleasantly surprising recent piece at Politico, Richard Viguerie wrote that Google is the NSA’s leading information | Read More »

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