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    Elizabeth Warren’s Education Power Grab Fails

    Elizabeth Warren's Education Power Grab Fails

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. Elizabeth Warren7%Senate Democrat Average29See Full Scorecard7% says she is not running for President. Sadly, that does not make her a benign or waning influence in national politics. As MSNBC host Rachel Maddow has (with probable glee) noted, Hillary Clinton – probably in an effort to do or say something that is interesting or motivating to anyone, anywhere – has been parroting Warren. CNN | Read More »

    Ed Schultz cuts guest’s microphone because he won’t let him interrupt.

    Ed Schultz had the Heritage Foundation’s Ryan Anderson on this evening. Bear in mind that Ed started the segment off angry and determined to bite someone’s head off and, well, Mr. Anderson was rude enough to continue to try and answer questions that were presented. My personal favorite is when Ed Schultz calls Governor Pence a homophobe, and within minutes condemns Anderson for not being | Read More »

    They Don’t Want Your Cake

    They Don't Want Your Cake

    The Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The RFRA. It’s caused more people to freak out in the last 24 hours than the ebola crisis could have ever dreamed. The party of extreme fear-mongering has declared the new law in Indiana as a five-alarm fire and they are pulling out all the stops to make sure that the Hoosier State is viewed as the return of 1955 | Read More »

    Phil Robertson’s Point is Poorly Delivered but Nothing New

    Phil Robertson's Point is Poorly Delivered but Nothing New

    I first became aware of Phil Robertson’s recent controversial comments because Ace wrote up a criticism headlined “So Phil Robertson Is Yammering Again.” I disagreed with some of what he said but that was that and I went about my day. Then an article by Katherine Timpf  at National Review titled “Stop Defending Phil Robertson – You’re Embarrassing Yourself” popped up as well and I started | Read More »

    Barack Obama Is A Very Successful President

    Barack Obama Is A Very Successful President

    As was the case when Scott Walker’s college credentials became a news story a few weeks ago, some have found their cause du jour with which to hit Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. Ted Cruz95%Senate Republican Average29See Full Scorecard95%. For Cruz, it’s a question of experience. Does he have enough? What constitutes presidential experience is vague but from what I’ve seen, it is mostly conservative media that is | Read More »

    Republicans taking money from unions? Say it ain’t so.

    Republicans taking money from unions? Say it ain't so.

    Others at RedState have written before about the problems caused for advancing conservative policy by the union-funded Republican Main Street Partnership and their members. It just so happens I’ve stumbled upon another example, concerning education reform, Republican House members and the NEA. As a reminder, the NEA is one of the big national teachers union organizations. It is, in fact, the biggest labor union in | Read More »

    If you tell your opponent you’re bluffing, he’ll probably believe you.

    If you tell your opponent you're bluffing, he'll probably believe you.

    We’re now coming to the close of the dustup over legislation funding the Department of Homeland Security. As you probably know, the Democrats and President Obama objected to additional language added to the bill which would work to undo all of that pesky amnesty Obama had worked so hard to executive order into existence. Throughout the ordeal, the term “shutdown” has been used extensively. “We’re | Read More »

    I don’t have a college degree.

    I don't have a college degree.

    You may have watched the news recently and seen people up in arms over comments made by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. He “punted” a question on evolution from a reporter, because you know… it’s irrelevant. And of course he is walking around every day, unapologetically not having a college degree and, as we’ve recently learned from our friends in the media, that means he’s a | Read More »

    Unions Exploit Obamacare to Grow in Size & Power

    Unions Exploit Obamacare to Grow in Size & Power

    Across the country, unions are reeling. Union membership is at historic lows. Federally, card check legislation has now been dead for years. In Wisconsin, Scott Walker took on public sector unions and won. Michigan has put right-to-work laws on the books. Even in blue states (New Jersey, Illinois, California) some steps have been taken to try to rein in out-of-control unions. But Obamacare and increased numbers | Read More »

    The Chevy Bolt: Fueling Innobation

    Chevy Volt has had issues since its announcement as part of the modernized lineup of vehicles in late 2008, around the same time that General Motors, the parent company of Chevy, was putting their hands out looking for billions of dollars to go along with their inevitable but “special” bankruptcy. It’s not secret how I’ve felt about those bailouts, but in case you missed | Read More »

    Moral Relativists Troll #CharlieHebdo Attacks

    Moral Relativists Troll #CharlieHebdo Attacks

    It is truly amazing the leaps that some will make in order to continue their own narratives no matter what realities are getting in the way. Moral relativism is the refuge of the morally ambiguous. Those who believe that concepts like “good” and “evil” are constructs of ideologies and that the truly enlightened have long since dispensed of these cursed absolutes. Never recognizing the contradiction | Read More »

    Culture Call: Help the Detroit Project

    Culture Call: Help the Detroit Project

    Earlier this year saw the release of my film, Bankrupt: How Cronyism and Corruption Brought Down Detroit. It was a few months of production but was really years in the making. As a victim of the 2008 recession, I had lost everything financially speaking on the same timeline that GM & Chrysler had seen billions of dollars go towards bailing them out. As my own | Read More »

    Why I Said I’d Have Shot Michael Brown in the Face

    Why I Said I'd Have Shot Michael Brown in the Face

    I strongly believe twitter is a platform which is every bit a part of “real life” in that things said there can have huge consequences (see Anthony Weiner for example). And while I also believe Michelle Malkin is correct that social media “democratizes influence,” I’m of the opinion that there is a bubble of sorts in which some with less influence are treated as though | Read More »

    World Health Organization Priority is Taxes, not Ebola Crisis

    World Health Organization Priority is Taxes, not Ebola Crisis

    I wrote last week about the WHO’s plan to push for a massive, de facto global tobacco tax at a big confab in Moscow (because, obviously, there’s nothing more pressing – cough, cough, EBOLA, cough, cough – that the WHO should be focusing on than people smoking). Well, from Russia comes word that at the conference, that plan was passed, after members of the public, INTERPOL, people | Read More »

    World Health Organization Can’t Wait to Tax You

    World Health Organization Can't Wait to Tax You

    Next week, the World Health Organization (WHO), a group of incompetent nanny-statist bureaucrats who failed miserably to prevent the Ebola crisis from getting out of hand in West Africa (something that falls into the category of “WHO’s primary mission”), plans to double down on a failed scheme it first tried to put into place a couple years ago. At a meeting that begins on Monday, they’re | Read More »