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    Coal? What Coal?

    Take a look at this info graphic and see if you can spot what is missing. If you said “coal” then congratulations. You read the headline above. Yes, apparently the Obama administration’s “All of the Above” approach to energy is in need of an asterisk: *except coal. But green energy is the future right? And the future is now! I mean how much does coal | Read More »

    Obama Was Against Disavowing. Before He Was For It.

    You have to love the era of YouTube. Nothing gets past us these days because it’s all on tape! Although somehow people are still questioning what someone said even when it is on tape. Either way, it makes for great moments in campaign years. Take for instance this little diddy that took place on the Romney trail. For the video impaired, a woman had | Read More »

    Obama Launches Reelection Campaign. Throngs of Adoring Fans Apparently Stuck in Traffic.

    It seems that it’s not only Barack Obama’s position of football spiking that has taken a turn in an election year. Apparently the enthusiasm that resulted in huge stadiums full of adoring fans in 2008 has also changed quite a bit. From the Columbus Dispatch: The Romney campaign kept a close eye on the proceedings. Romney’s national press secretary, Ryan Williams, found his way to | Read More »

    VIDEO: Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Four Years Ago?

    This is a question that will come up over and over as the election season unfolds. Luckily President Obama has provided the answer.

    Jill Biden: Government Oversight for Thee, Free Markets for Me

    Barack Obama didn’t believe in government healthcare mandates…until he did. He didn’t think we should spike the football on Bin Laden…until it was time for reelection. Joe Biden thought Obama was ill-equipped for the job of President…until he took the job as his right hand man. Yes, the ability for this administration to say one thing and do another is nothing short of astounding. Apparently | Read More »

    VIDEO: Heroes Don’t Spike the Football

    I seem to recall the left being very upset when President Bush discussed the aspect of his presidency that dealt with 9-11. I seem to recall that they believed he was politicizing the war on terror. My how things change.

    Up to 200 State & Local Candidates in Danger of Being Kicked Off SC Ballots

    South Carolina has a mess on its hands and there is a distinct possibility that candidates statewide will be removed from ballots in the coming months. It all started because of a form called the Statement of Economic Interests which was to be submitted to the S.C. Ethics Commission by March 30, 2012. According to multiple candidates, the filing deadline for this form was listed | Read More »

    What is the Cost of EPA Interference?

    I’ve written several posts here about the cost of EPA interference in our lives. Estimates of job losses at the hands of the supposedly well-intentioned Environmental Protection Agency are in the millions. As Lisa Jackson’s EPA continues its unrelenting war against coal, an obvious thing is going to happen: the cost of powering your home and your daily life is going to go up. In | Read More »

    The War on Moms is Real

    Yesterday the right was mostly in agreement that Hilary Rosen’s comments needed to be highlighted as an example of the disdain Democrats seem to have with choices that are counter to their own. It’s long been a complaint of conservative women that the feminist movement of the 1960’s had become as intolerant as the alleged patriarchy they were supposed to be fighting. Being a stay | Read More »

    The Ben Howe Show Podcast: The Stuff

    An interesting conversation took place on this particular episode of our show.  Ace and I spent a fair amount of time covering something that was (mostly) non-political.  More than one thing really.  We talked about Ashley Judd, Samantha Brick, social networking, & the difference between guys and girls.  Of course we topped it off by getting into a verbal altercation with Whoopi Goldberg. This got | Read More »

    Brazilian Government Pouting About Need for Transparency in Procurement Process

    When I first wrote about Hawker-Beechcraft losing the U.S. Airforce light aircraft contract to Brazilian company Embraer, I didn’t expect it to be as controversial as it ended up being. I even had one person on twitter tell me it was downright birther-like to think there was something fishy going on. Turns out people above my pay grade concurred as the US Air Force has | Read More »

    Vote for the Etch-A-Sketch. It’s important.

    I have solidly landed in the camp where I believe that Mitt Romney will become the Republican Presidential Nominee in 2012. I’ve already expressed my reservations about his candidacy, primarily my concern over whether or not he can sway independents with his history of socialized medicine & tax increases which so closely mirrors the president’s. But, alas, Rick Perry didn’t get it together in time | Read More »

    Media Matters Employs Anti-Semite But Continues to Wage War Against Rush as “Intolerant”

    It takes a fair amount of panache to wag your fingers at others for being over the line and intolerant even while you are blatantly dismissing the same behavior in your own back yard. But that is exactly what Media Matters for America (MMFA) continues to do as they steadfastly unload their weaponry on Rush Limbaugh with “devastating” videos like this. I guess where | Read More »

    Carbonite Drops Ads from Rush Limbaugh but Not Ed Schultz?

    The recent manufactured flap by the mainstream media had a new entrant recently.  Carbonite, a company that provides online backup support and apparently hasn’t heard of DropBox, released a statement declaring the end of their sponsorship of the Rush Limbaugh Show following remarks by Rush in which he questioned the definition of the word “slut” as a result of recent testimony by feminist and world’s worst | Read More »

    Andrew Breitbart: Warrior

    On March 1st I ended up in the odd position of offering confirmation of something that I’d only learned of mere moments before.  Andrew Breitbart, star quarterback of the conservative movement, had passed away. I had a hard time accepting it to be true so I had a quick text exchange with someone close enough to Andrew that I knew his answer would be the | Read More »