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    Brazilian Government Pouting About Need for Transparency in Procurement Process

    When I first wrote about Hawker-Beechcraft losing the U.S. Airforce light aircraft contract to Brazilian company Embraer, I didn’t expect it to be as controversial as it ended up being. I even had one person on twitter tell me it was downright birther-like to think there was something fishy going on. Turns out people above my pay grade concurred as the US Air Force has | Read More »

    Vote for the Etch-A-Sketch. It’s important.

    I have solidly landed in the camp where I believe that Mitt Romney will become the Republican Presidential Nominee in 2012. I’ve already expressed my reservations about his candidacy, primarily my concern over whether or not he can sway independents with his history of socialized medicine & tax increases which so closely mirrors the president’s. But, alas, Rick Perry didn’t get it together in time | Read More »

    Media Matters Employs Anti-Semite But Continues to Wage War Against Rush as “Intolerant”

    It takes a fair amount of panache to wag your fingers at others for being over the line and intolerant even while you are blatantly dismissing the same behavior in your own back yard. But that is exactly what Media Matters for America (MMFA) continues to do as they steadfastly unload their weaponry on Rush Limbaugh with “devastating” videos like this. I guess where Media | Read More »

    Carbonite Drops Ads from Rush Limbaugh but Not Ed Schultz?

    The recent manufactured flap by the mainstream media had a new entrant recently.  Carbonite, a company that provides online backup support and apparently hasn’t heard of DropBox, released a statement declaring the end of their sponsorship of the Rush Limbaugh Show following remarks by Rush in which he questioned the definition of the word “slut” as a result of recent testimony by feminist and world’s worst | Read More »

    Andrew Breitbart: Warrior

    On March 1st I ended up in the odd position of offering confirmation of something that I’d only learned of mere moments before.  Andrew Breitbart, star quarterback of the conservative movement, had passed away. I had a hard time accepting it to be true so I had a quick text exchange with someone close enough to Andrew that I knew his answer would be the | Read More »

    Allen Covert Talks Kids Books, Politics, and Hollywood.

    Few actors in Hollywood are able to bring you into the dramatic and painful world of their character with such unfettered boldness as to leave you wallowing in the depths of your own suffering as brought back by the realistic journey of the actor. Allen Covert is not one of those actors.  He’s much better than that. Allen is one of those actors that lives | Read More »

    We are Losing the Tax Debate Even Though We’re Right

    Let me get something out of the way first: I get it.  I understand.  I know that 47% of the country pays no income tax and I am fully aware that that is unfair.  I’m part of that 53% of taxpayers and I find it infuriating as well.  We exist in a system that allows half of the country to vote against the other half’s | Read More »

    Why is the United States Government Financing Our Foreign Competition?

    Here’s a question: If tax dollars were being used to make prices cheaper for companies overseas while simultaneously forbidding American companies from enjoying the same luxury…would that be fair? I would submit that it’s not, and President Obama claimed to feel the same way at his State of the Union earlier this year: … It’s not fair when foreign manufacturers have a leg up on | Read More »

    Hawker Beechcraft Bidding Disqualification Continues to Draw Attention

    I’ve written a couple of times now of an ongoing saga about an American weapons manufacturer, Hawker Beechcraft, being excluded from a bidding process for reasons that are as yet undiscovered. I additionally noted my concern related to the company that the contract was ultimately granted to, a Brazilian company named Embraer, because of their close relationship with the Brazilian government and the Brazilian government’s | Read More »

    The Grand Jihad

    I’ve written about the Muslim Brotherhood before at RedState and while researching that post, one thing became abundantly clear: it is a scary organization with a complicated history. Bill Whittle narrates this excellent video from Encounter Books to help us understand the threat the Brotherhood poses.  Watch and learn. Follow @ben_howe

    The Ben Howe Show on WBT – January 29, 2012

    As many of you know, I’ve been working on landing a permanent gig at 50k watt powerhouse WBT 1110 AM out of Charlotte, NC. This past Sunday was my second and final show for the month of January.  In it, I talk EPA, take calls, discuss the establishment, and interview Mark Daniels of Hilex Poly, a company I’ve written about before and America’s largest plastic bag | Read More »

    Actorvist Adam Baldwin Defends Bill Maher

    On last night’s show, Co-host Ace of Spades and I caught up with actor & conservative Adam Baldwin, fresh off of his recent successful run on television series Chuck and on his way to collect an unemployment check. Conversation went from Ace’s desire to see an Oscar for “Best Driving Into A Wall” to Adam’s contention that our remaining presidential candidates are not the huge | Read More »

    Is Newt Much Better on the Question of Mandates?

    Yesterday I wrote an article on why I view the inevitability of an Obama defeat at the hands of Romney to be less than inevitable.  Mostly I attributed this to weakness on a core issue: Obamacare.  From my view, Romney cannot adequately take on this topic so long as he insists on defending the principles put forth in Romneycare. His state’s rights position plays ok | Read More »

    Why Mitt Romney’s Electability is Not Inevitable

    After many months of getting a pass, it seems that the other candidates are willing to finally start hitting Governor Mitt Romney on his major weakness: The Massachusetts Health Care Insurance Reform Law.  The bill, known by most as Romneycare, is (as we all have been saying for many moons) the basis for the much maligned Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, otherwise affectionately known | Read More »

    Governor Rick Perry & Rep. Mick Mulvaney Join the Inaugural Broadcast of ‘The Ben Howe Show’

    If you haven’t been keeping up, I’ve been neck deep in a contest to get my own radio show on one of the largest radio stations in the southeast, WBT out of Charlotte, NC. You can see the stages of the contest here, here, & here. After much spamming of twitter and the gracious web real estate of, the first day of my new | Read More »