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    EPA Chief Lisa Jackson Calls Republicans “Jack-Booted Thugs” [UPDATE: Nope, she didn’t.]

    [UPDATE (Moe Lane): Turns out that E&E/Greenwire completely took the quote out of context: EPA Director Jackson was sarcastically referring to her own employees with the jack-booted thugs comment. We are thus retracting that portion of the article, and apologize to our readers for any inconvenience.] Yesterday at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson fought back against criticisms aimed | Read More »

    Occupy Wall Street Has Jumped the Shark

    There’s been a surprising number of people that on the right that have actually issued limited support for the Occupy Wall Street movement, myself included.  I even wrote an entire article announcing my support of the movement, not because I agreed with their politics or their odd sense of community, but rather because I hoped this movement would move to push the Democrat party closer | Read More »

    2012 DNC Discriminates Against Charlotte Businesses, Demands Unionization

    After working in construction for many years in Canada, John Monteith had had enough of unions calling all of the shots and forcing themselves onto employers.  So John did some research on the United States, and found that one of the best right-to-work states was North Carolina. John got in touch with an immigration attorney, and worked with him to emigrate legally to the United | Read More »

    UPDATE: Curt Anderson Denies Knowledge of Cain Harassment Charges; Cain Camp Backs Down

    *UPDATE* Video of Cain’s Chief of Staff, Mark Block, walking back the allegations that Perry’s camp was involved reveals a very odd position they seem to be staking out.  According to Block, even though “all evidence” points towards Perry’s camp, given the fact that Anderson worked there, they are very pleased that Anderson denies involvement and claim to be ready to move beyond this silliness. | Read More »

    Obama Administration Flip-Flops on Charitable Giving

    The Obama administration firmly believes that one of the contributors to our national debt and budget deficits is the fact that the wealthy give to charity.  His jobs bill makes this clear by proposing a cap on the deduction high income earners (the one’s most likely to take advantage of the deduction as well as provide the largest contributions) can claim when engaging in philanthropy. | Read More »

    Romney’s Former ‘Green’ Quarterback is ‘Excited’ EPA Job-Killing Regulations Nearing Finish Line

    Lisa Jackson isn’t the only one happy about how the Environmental Protection Agency is destroying jobs.  You may recall some remarks Jackson made previously about the EPA in the face of evidence that proposed regulations would cripple some industry and deeply harm the national economy: In fact, Jackson believes that there is no reason to be concerned about the economics whatsoever.  After all, what do | Read More »

    Al-Jazeera and Green Peace Unite Against Keystone Pipeline

    Al Jazeera, arguably the most terrorist-friendly news station after MSNBC, has offered some thoughts on the proposed Keystone Pipeline which will bring billions of dollars and thousands of jobs to the United States. Calling it a “pipeline of poison,” writer Dahr Jamail makes the case that the project will be an environmental catastrophe. Quite a shocker that the media outlet of choice in the middle | Read More »

    Does Solyndra Lobbyist See Similarities in Romney and Obama?

    Alex Mistri is managing director of The Glover Park Group who describe themselves as “an independent, strategic communications firm that delivers research-driven, targeted campaigns that draw attention, shape opinions and inspire action.” Recently, part of that advocacy was aimed at “congressional outreach” on behalf of the well known and now bankrupt company, Solyndra. In the third quarter of this year, Mistri was one of a group | Read More »

    Donors, Bundlers, and Obama Allies Secure $1 Billion in Loans, Export Jobs to Finland

    The Obama administration has been taking heat for some time now regarding the bankruptcy of solar panel company Solydra, which received $500 million in loans from the U.S. government. Claims from President Obama were that some failures were bound to happen, such is the risk of business: “We knew from the start that the loan guarantee program was going to entail some risk by definition,” | Read More »

    Biden: Opposition to the Jobs Bill Would End if Republicans Would Just Get Raped

    The new tone makes an appearance from the mouth of Vice President Joe Biden who believes that the opposition to the jobs bill would understand its importance if only they’d been raped or at least been held up at gun point. In 2009, we were told that failure to pass a government stimulus bill would result in further job losses.  In 2011, failure  to | Read More »

    I Support Occupy Wall Street

    I support Occupy Wall Street.  And not in the ironic way that I’m sure many would assume upon reading that sentence.  I literally support their protest and their desire to influence the political discourse.  In fact, I want them to influence the political discourse.  I want them push their ideas and have them heard by politicians whose hearts beat for the same reasons.  I want | Read More »

    Environmentalists Battle Lawn Mowing

    Environmentalists are up in arms and going to court to try to prevent the mowing of grass taking place around the future site of the Keystone XL Pipeline, an oil pipeline connecting Alberta, Canada with Gulf Coast refineries. The Center for Biological Diversity, Western Nebraska Resources Council and Friends of the Earth have filed a lawsuit making the charge that the mowing of grass along | Read More »

    Pelosi: “Republicans Will Allow Women to Die on the Floor”

    Nancy Pelosi has taken hyperbolic statements to a new level today with this sound bite.   For Democrats, preventing federal funding from being used to pay for abortions, something specifically refuted as a possibility during the healthcare reform debates, will produce this result. The House is scheduled to vote this week on a new bill that would allow federally-funded hospitals that oppose abortions to | Read More »

    Herman Cain is Losing Me

    I am a witness to defeat being snatched from the jaws of victory. I’ve written on Rick Perry before and expressed that he is a candidate that I can support. I’d also previously expressed an interest in Sarah Palin, Chris Christie & Herman Cain. Sarah and Chris aren’t running obviously, and last night I got a deeper insight into who Herman Cain is. I find | Read More »

    Forget Oil…We Can Power Our Country with a Something Box…Like..Forever.

    The Keystone pipeline has a lot going for it.  The case for it is construction is strong and most reasonable people are for it. As Steve Maley noted: Opponents of the Keystone XL project might think they’re saving the environment by blocking the line. Not so. Without the line, Canadians will sell the oil to the Chinese, who will export the oil in tankers. Without | Read More »