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    Lisa Jackson is Using the EPA to Destroy the Coal Industry

    I reported recently on EPA rules that ran the risk of causing shut downs of plants in Texas and elsewhere.  But that was before the massive heatwave began putting the real strain on them.  So much so that they are almost at full capacity.  And unfortunately, the EPA is only tightening it’s grip. Via Wall Street Journal: The agency is now tightening nearly every eco-regulation | Read More »

    Chevy Volt’s Loss is GM’s Gain?

    I’ve talked about General Motor’s CEO Dan Akerson before, but for those who don’t remember, he was appointed to the board of directors by President Obama to represent the administration.  He’s also been a big proponent of the gas tax which he believes will increase the cost of car ownership just enough to get America off of foreign oil by forcing us to choose crappy | Read More »

    Who are the Real Criminals?

    The United States Federal Register adds an average of about 220 pages per day.  Yes, you read that right.  And yes, that means we are in the 80,000 pages per year zone.  These are the rules that govern our lives, that (some say) cost the country about $1.5 Trillion dollars per year. Never forget that all of these laws, all of the agencies that enforce | Read More »

    Again, No Compromise.

    Late last year, I posted a memo of sorts to anyone who might have listened. At the time, the issue at stake was the expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts. As I thought back on that post, I saw editors from the NY Times offering their insights on Obama offering the “truth” while Boehner “did not.”  I saw the buildup in the mainstream media as | Read More »

    The President’s Spending Cut Prediction was Only Off by 4,000 Billion Dollars.

    Rep. Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina’s 5th district, had strong words today for House Democrats demagoguing the Cut, Cap & Balance proposal from Republicans.  Mulvaney correctly categorizes the Democrat’s own proposal as Duck, Dodge & Dismantle. Sit back and enjoy some awesome schooling from one of the authors of Cut, Cap & Balance. And in case you need further evidence of how ahead of | Read More »

    Of Demons and Debt Ceilings

    This week I interviewed Ann Coulter about her new bestseller Demonic; a history and analysis of the mob mentality of the American left.  As expected, Ms. Coulter had her wits, her snark, and her razor sharp mind ready to go in both the book and this interview. I also interviewed Dean Clancy, the Legislative Counsel for FreedomWorks, about the impending Debt Ceiling.  We discuss whether | Read More »

    Americans Support Voter I.D.

    Voter I.D. is a fairly simple concept.  People vote.  When they vote, some would like to have the voter provide proof that they are who they claim they are.  Seems reasonable enough given the importance of voting. So of course it has been vilified by the national media and Democrats have called it, you guessed it, racist. “In America, we should be trying to include | Read More »

    Own it.

    President Obama, it’s been almost three years.  Three years since you ‘inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression.’  Three years since you busted out your ‘mop’ to clean up this mess.  Three years since you pushed through a trillion dollar spending bill that would fix everything. Things are not better.  They are worse.  It’s time for you to stop passing the buck, stop blaming others, stop | Read More »


    It’s been almost three years since I, along with many others, was introduced to Governor Sarah Palin. In that time we have been saturated with coverage of her and just about everybody on the left and the right, has had the opportunity to get to know who she is and what they think of her. At least that’s what I thought.

    The EPA Must Be Stopped, and I’m Not Talking About Light Bulbs

    There’s been a lot of talk these days about light bulbs.  The Hill is reporting on how it’s shedding light on the “new Republican party,” one that is so “out of touch with the mainstream” because it only listens to it’s “extremist elements.”  The New York Times has declared victory for the green movement, while some in the blogosphere have taken to referring to the bulb issue | Read More »

    More Union Workers Smoking Pot on the Job

    Remember the explosive story last year that revealed how our hard earned tax dollars were being spent so that bailed out union workers could spend their time drinking and smoking pot at work? Well, I can’t say “they’re at it again” because this is a different plant, with different people, doing the same thing. via MRCTV: Meanwhile, President Obama would rather storm out of a | Read More »

    New York Times Brushes Off Ethical Concerns

    For those of you who missed it, The New York Times recently ran some controversial, front-page stories regarding the natural gas industry.  Specifically, some are questioning whether or not this was an agenda driven hit piece on the gas industry. Ken Boehm, of the National Legal and Policy Center, has called for an investigation into the matter where he lays out what the issues are: | Read More »

    You Asked For It Democrats

    As I noted last night, there is some serious concern amongst lefties that the Republicans are trying to steal the Wisconsin Democrat primary process during the current recalls taking place in response to Governor Walker’s budget.  They’re in full panic mode over at the house of Kos. (I’ll let you go look as opposed to sullying our site with a link to that dreck) Suffice | Read More »

    Manufacturing Necessity

    Last week, America had the joy of it’s first Twitter town hall.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m a big fan of Twitter, and I even believe that doing some type of town hall variant via Twitter is a great thing.  However, regardless of the venue, President Obama is a master of making incoherent, false, and/or misleading statements in 16,000 characters or less, and last | Read More »

    Operation: Chaos

    One might recall a recent contentious special election which took place in NY-26 in which an otherwise favored to lose candidate Jack Davis, pretended to be a tea party candidate and disrupted the otherwise bellwether election.  In fact, the trickery in this election went so far as to create entire fake websites dedicated to spreading misinformation to the voters in the hopes of confusing them and getting them | Read More »