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    No Republican Should Sit Next to Rep. Steve Cohen

    In 2009 we were entering into a post-partisan world filled with the promise of ending the bickering and getting down to the business of running the world’s greatest economy. Unfortunately, it turned out that the new President’s idea of the country’s “business” was a government takeover of healthcare, suing sovereign states for wanting to be sovereign, circumventing the Congress to appoint powerful czars in charge of entire industries, | Read More »

    Repeal Obamacare (Video)

    A quick reminder from Heritage of how bad government involved healthcare already is and how much worse it will get if we don’t repeal what’s coming down the pike.

    Dupnik Refudiated in President’s Speech (Video)

    Jonathan Martin at Politco has an article out today that puts it’s sights attention on Sarah Palin again.  This time it is for not being as totally awesome as President Obama who gave a stirring and emotional speech at the otherwise unfortunately inappropriate memorial service.  From Politico: At sunrise in the East on Wednesday, Sarah Palin demonstrated that she has little interest — or capacity — in | Read More »

    The Left Puts a Bullseye on the Right

    If this weekend has taught us anything politically, it’s that the left is not interested in facts. Once a template has been established, no amount of evidence is going to usurp their idea of how and why certain events have transpired. After the Discovery Channel hostage situation, Media Matters grabbed the mantle of leadership and advised against jumping to conclusions: Today they have some more | Read More »

    Repeal of the Job-Killing Health Care Act will NOT Increase the Deficit

    According to the MSM, repeal of Obamacare would have detrimental effects on the economy. Via Reuters: In a preliminary estimate of legislation the House is set to begin debating on Friday, the CBO said repealing the law that President Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats enacted would “increase federal budget deficits over the 2012-2019 period by a total of roughly $145 billion (93 billion pounds).” | Read More »

    It’s Christmas in Congress

    In the grand spirit of Christmas, Congress has seen fit to shower themselves with gifts from us. In continuing with their Holiday enthusiasm, and following in the footsteps of such great Christmas poetry like “‘Twas The Lame Duck Before Christmas,” I have assembled a video that you can share with your friends and family so that they know what they got their benevolent Congress, President | Read More »

    Congressman-Elect Mick Mulvaney – “Democrats confused”

    I recently had the opportunity to interview Congressman-Elect Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina’s 5th District about his impending transition to Capitol Hill.  We had a great discussion ranging from Paul Ryan’s “Roadmap” to the Democrats’ apparent confusion or perhaps indifference to the mid-term elections as evidenced in their recent attempt to push a 1.1 trillion dollar Omnibus through a lame duck congress. Mulvaney is a | Read More »

    “The System Worked”: Man Boards Plane with Loaded Gun

    Some moments have come to define this administration’s level of incompetence and detachment from reality.  For Janet Napolitano of Homeland Security, the defining moment is when she claimed “the system worked” shortly after a man came within seconds of blowing up a commercial airliner having only been narrowly thwarted by other passengers.  She soon retracted her statement, however the damage had essentially been done.  Coming | Read More »

    Obama is Failing: Does This Mean We’re Not Racist?

    At 39 percent, President Obama’s approval rating now equals his all time low from two years ago, with 63 percent of those polled defining him as a “weak leader.” Let me be clear: This president is failing. The biggest hit was among Democrats, who dropped from 82 percent to 73 percent as a result of negotiations with Republicans over the tax deal. That’s right; the Democrat | Read More »

    Obamacare Unconstitutional

    In a stunning defeat for President Obama, a Virginia judge has declared parts of the Health Care Reform bill to be unconstitutional. As we digest the opinion we will post more information, until then consider this an open thread.

    When is a Compromise not a Compromise?

    As Daniel Mitchell from Cato notes, there is a lot to love and a lot to hate about the deal that was worked out to extend the current tax rates.  The quick rundown is, no one’s taxes are going up (Good), unless you’re dead (Bad) and its temporary nature will make it more of a depression protection as opposed to an economic boost (Ugly). Of | Read More »

    No compromise.

    I have grown weary of hearing the calls for bi-partisanship.  The calls for “reaching across the aisle” and “bucking your party.”  And yes, I’m even tired of that sacred word that hushes the most stubborn of partisans: Compromise.  Compromise in terms of leadership or lack thereof.  Compromise with ulterior motives and double-speak.  Compromise that hurts our country, indeed our world. To some this is counter-intuitive | Read More »

    The FDA in bed with Big Business

    You probably remember the fanatical fear that gripped the nation these last few years in response to a few factories with tainted peanut butter. You may also remember the national panic when spinach was a killer stalking grocery stores across the country. These types of events are notorious for being blown out of proportion by the national media & being chaotic by virtue of bureaucratic | Read More »

    TSA – You don’t HAVE to fly

    This is an only mildly exaggerated run down of the latest in cutting edge security techniques from the TSA: . Click through for a disturbing “post-pat down” photo.

    The Battle for America begins in 20 Days

    However, the movie is already out: In Generation Zero, Citizens United & Director Stephen Bannon laid out the crimes. In Fire from the Heartland they observed the heroes. The third film of this stylized trilogy is the final act and we are all in it. The Battle for America wasn’t specifically written for politicos like you and me. It was developed with the sideliners in | Read More »