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    Union Mob Surrounds & Interrogates Reporter, Calling Him a NARC

    Remember back during the healthcare debate when the Republicans fled D.C. to hide in hotels, the Tea Party protestors manhandled women & pushed people around culminating in that grand sacking of the Capitol we did?  Yes, I can still hear the sound of shattering glass and pushed over police officers. Of course you don’t.  Because conservatives believe in protest as well as the rule of | Read More »

    Why is the Deputy National Security Advisor meeting with Hamas Supporters?

    In this week’s show, I had the opportunity to interview former FBI agent, John Guandolo.  John is an expert on Islamic terrorism and is the Vice President of Strategic Planning and Execution for  Strategic Engagement Group, a national security consultancy & educational group. I asked him questions about the Holy Land Foundation trial, Suhail A. Khan of the ACU, who has ties to Hamas & The Muslim | Read More »

    University of Central Florida Hosts Terrorists & Forcibly Removes Their Detractors

    While it’s certainly the case that a University may host an event paneled by individuals that the University leadership does not agree with or even may find reprehensible, it starts to look more like endorsement when they get into the habit of tossing law abiding citizens for asking questions of the University guest that may be uncomfortable. Such was the case in the almost universally overlooked incident that | Read More »

    Bad Jew!

    Union protestors, including waiver award winners Communication Workers of America (CWA), arrived outside of the FreedomWorks headquarters today apparently to hit female activists and police the Jews. Meanwhile, in Wisconsin Denver, the same level headed Unions were scolding a black tea party activist for “voting against his best interests,” since they clearly know better than he does. So don’t worry America!  The racist tea parties are | Read More »

    On Obama’s ‘Trip to the Center,’ He Stumbles Over Planned Parenthood

    In an interview with an NBC affiliate in Richmond, VA, President Obama responded to the recent vote to defund Planned Parenthood after a flood of videos exposed illegal activities taking place at their clinics including exhibiting a willingness to support sex trafficking of minors, secret abortions for minors, and giving “pimp” discounts. “I think sometimes these issues get manufactured,” [Obama] said “they get a lot of | Read More »

    Ezra Klein Blames Wisconsin Deficit on Gov. Walker

    In a stunning denial of reality, Ezra Klein attempts to paint a rosy picture of Wisconsin’s budget prior to Gov. Scott Walker’s inauguration.  In an article posted yesterday online, Klein excuses the union from any wrongdoing in Wisconsin’s current budgetary crisis. Says Klein: Whatever fiscal problems Wisconsin is — or is not — facing at the moment, they’re not caused by labor unions. That’s also true | Read More »

    GoProud Is Not Worried About New CPAC Rules

    As was noted earlier today, the American Conservative Union’s (ACU) board of directors chairman Al Cardenas has announced new rules and guidelines for participating organizations.  Specifically that “Groups supporting ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’[DADT] repeal or gay marriage will no longer be allowed to participate at CPAC.  This has caused some to conclude that the organization GoProud will not be allowed to attend next years conference. As has been | Read More »

    WEAC Publishes Home Addresses of Wisconsin Legislators

    The Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) has stepped up their protest efforts in Madison, WI in an attempt to stop Governor Scott Walker’s efforts to close his state’s projected $3.6 Billion budget shortfall over the next two years. Gov Walker has proposed that public employee unions pay a larger portion of their health benefits & pension plans as well as limiting their collective bargaining rights | Read More »

    Mulvaney to Obama Budget Director: Not Credible

    This is what we’re looking for from the freshmen class: Rep Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina’s fifth district points out what many are starting to realize: These numbers just aren’t realistic. Mulvaney alleges results oriented accounting and said that the President’s budget is “not a credible document.”  Mulvaney says “two years ago he told us the deficit this year would only be $900 billion dollars in | Read More »

    How High Should the Rent Be?

    Close to the end of CPAC, Ann Coulter gave a glowing endorsement of the organization known as GoProud as well as putting herself out there as a supporter of all gays joining the conservative movement.  For this week’s show, I brought GoProud Chairman & Co-Founder Chris Barron on to discuss her comments as well as the ongoing struggle to find common ground with social conservatives | Read More »

    Tammy Bruce Resigns GoProud

    Tammy Bruce, columnist, radio host & conservative gay activist, announced on her website today that she will resign her position as advisory board member to GoProud. I want to let you know that after being a supporter and serving as Chair of the Advisory Board since May of 2010, I gave Chris Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia my resignation Saturday night. If you search GOProud here | Read More »

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    GoProud Dissent Among the Ranks

    There appears to be more fallout as a result of the recent remarks made by GoProud Chairman Chris Barron in which he referred to ACU Foundation Chairman Cleta Mitchell as a “nasty bigot.” Barron later apologized for the remark after raising the ire of newly selected ACU chair Al Cardenas who indicated the possibility that the organization may distance themselves from GoProud. Said Cardenas: “I | Read More »

    The Party is Over

    “I am sorry that I’m the guy that has to be here at the time when the party’s over.”  That’s a quote from Governor Chris Christie in response to a state employed police officer who was angry at potentially losing future raises as well as being asked to contribute more to his health benefits in order to close huge budget deficits in New Jersey.  The | Read More »

    Reagan was the man; Obama is a sham

    In this episode of Renewing America, I look back at 30 years of the leftist controlled media trying to redefine one of our greatest presidents into the bumbling idiot they wished he was through audio clips that you have to hear to believe.  In addition, I take a look at how the media treated Obama in contrast and provide brilliant commentary to fill you in | Read More »

    Jeffrey Immelt and Conflict of Interests

    When the stimulus passed just two short years ago, a lot of special interests piled on to try and grab some of the dough that was being doled out. General Electric was part of that group. From American Spectator: On February 17th of that year, Obama had signed the stimulus bill, which included $24.9 million in grants that would flow directly to GE, with roughly $20 billion | Read More »