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    Obama Seeks Final Death Blow to Auto Industry

    President Obama is trotting out yet another policy aimed at forcing American’s to change our ways and embrace the green.  Just a few weeks ago, the administration floated the idea of adding yet more taxes to our already overtaxed cars to serve the dual purpose of shoring up revenues as well as curbing driving habits (which one would assume can’t both be accomplished simultaneously, but | Read More »

    The Latest Fad from the Left: Blatant Misinformation and Hoaxes

    Jane Corwin is a Republican running for Congress in NY 26.  Here is her website:  Nice, clean, professional.  Now take a look at this website:  Aesthetically indistinguishable, the designers cleverly use humor to paint Jane Corwin as a clueless hack, bent on destroying the district calling her “A proven millionaire. A real homophobe.  The leader we fear.”  There is little reason to assume | Read More »

    Obama has Green Dreams of Car Taxes

    As Tabitha Hale noted yesterday, there seems to be no shortage of ways that this administration and the Democrat party can think of to tax away every bit of our nation’s prosperity.  But the “car tax” simply defies logic and begs the question, “What are they thinking?” Aside from their apparent love of taxation, what is the underlying reason this administration would want to levy | Read More »

    Visual Confirmation Denied. Obama Decides Against Releasing Bin Laden Photos.

    These last few days have created feelings that many of us had forgotten in the 9+ years since the immediate aftermath of the September 11th attacks. I can’t speak for everyone, but in the winter of 2001 after the feelings of horror and anger subsided, a feeling of pride, unity, and commonality overwhelmed me for months. I was the least partisan I’d ever been in | Read More »

    (VIDEO) Obama Speech on Death of Bin Laden

    I’m sure someone will have a breakdown of the amount of self congratulation in this speech, but tonight let’s just be happy that Osama Bin Laden has already found out that there aren’t going to be any virgins.

    Don’t Raise the Debt Ceiling

    I am no economist.  In fact, as I researched for this piece and saw the diversity of opinions floating in the blogosphere and in the main stream press, it became clear to me that I am completely out of my element went it comes to national economics. However, I am a tax payer.  I am a small business owner, and I am a person that | Read More »

    Interview: Richard Dreyfuss Talks Constitution

    Anyone that was in the bloggers lounge at CPAC in February you likely noticed a visitor that seemed oddly out of place.  No I’m not talking about the “Rent is too High” guy.  I’m talking about the voice we heard narrating Stand by Me, Richard Dreyfuss. The reason he seemed out of place is obvious: Mr. Dreyfuss is a liberal. He’s never been one to | Read More »

    (Video) Obama Was Against Military Intervention Before He Was For It

    At some point, one assumes that politicians would remember that everything is recorded these days and that in order to not appear hypocritical, they must address what has been said when it stands starkly against what they are doing. Such is the case with President Obama and the actions in Libya. Like RedState’s own Moe Lane, I too have had a difficult time deciding where | Read More »

    So I got a call from Ron Paul today…

    It seems that Mr. Paul has a message for the masses as we enter the 2012 Republican primary season: Now where have we heard that before? For anyone who has ever questioned the importance of precincts and their role within the GOP infrastructure, consider this: Do you want our party primaries to be ruled over by men and women who look up to this? | Read More »

    Union Mob Surrounds & Interrogates Reporter, Calling Him a NARC

    Remember back during the healthcare debate when the Republicans fled D.C. to hide in hotels, the Tea Party protestors manhandled women & pushed people around culminating in that grand sacking of the Capitol we did?  Yes, I can still hear the sound of shattering glass and pushed over police officers. Of course you don’t.  Because conservatives believe in protest as well as the rule of | Read More »

    Why is the Deputy National Security Advisor meeting with Hamas Supporters?

    In this week’s show, I had the opportunity to interview former FBI agent, John Guandolo.  John is an expert on Islamic terrorism and is the Vice President of Strategic Planning and Execution for  Strategic Engagement Group, a national security consultancy & educational group. I asked him questions about the Holy Land Foundation trial, Suhail A. Khan of the ACU, who has ties to Hamas & The Muslim | Read More »

    University of Central Florida Hosts Terrorists & Forcibly Removes Their Detractors

    While it’s certainly the case that a University may host an event paneled by individuals that the University leadership does not agree with or even may find reprehensible, it starts to look more like endorsement when they get into the habit of tossing law abiding citizens for asking questions of the University guest that may be uncomfortable. Such was the case in the almost universally overlooked incident that | Read More »

    Bad Jew!

    Union protestors, including waiver award winners Communication Workers of America (CWA), arrived outside of the FreedomWorks headquarters today apparently to hit female activists and police the Jews. Meanwhile, in Wisconsin Denver, the same level headed Unions were scolding a black tea party activist for “voting against his best interests,” since they clearly know better than he does. So don’t worry America!  The racist tea parties are | Read More »

    On Obama’s ‘Trip to the Center,’ He Stumbles Over Planned Parenthood

    In an interview with an NBC affiliate in Richmond, VA, President Obama responded to the recent vote to defund Planned Parenthood after a flood of videos exposed illegal activities taking place at their clinics including exhibiting a willingness to support sex trafficking of minors, secret abortions for minors, and giving “pimp” discounts. “I think sometimes these issues get manufactured,” [Obama] said “they get a lot of | Read More »

    Ezra Klein Blames Wisconsin Deficit on Gov. Walker

    In a stunning denial of reality, Ezra Klein attempts to paint a rosy picture of Wisconsin’s budget prior to Gov. Scott Walker’s inauguration.  In an article posted yesterday online, Klein excuses the union from any wrongdoing in Wisconsin’s current budgetary crisis. Says Klein: Whatever fiscal problems Wisconsin is — or is not — facing at the moment, they’re not caused by labor unions. That’s also true | Read More »