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    WEAC Publishes Home Addresses of Wisconsin Legislators

    The Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) has stepped up their protest efforts in Madison, WI in an attempt to stop Governor Scott Walker’s efforts to close his state’s projected $3.6 Billion budget shortfall over the next two years. Gov Walker has proposed that public employee unions pay a larger portion of their health benefits & pension plans as well as limiting their collective bargaining rights | Read More »

    Mulvaney to Obama Budget Director: Not Credible

    This is what we’re looking for from the freshmen class: Rep Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina’s fifth district points out what many are starting to realize: These numbers just aren’t realistic. Mulvaney alleges results oriented accounting and said that the President’s budget is “not a credible document.”  Mulvaney says “two years ago he told us the deficit this year would only be $900 billion dollars in | Read More »

    How High Should the Rent Be?

    Close to the end of CPAC, Ann Coulter gave a glowing endorsement of the organization known as GoProud as well as putting herself out there as a supporter of all gays joining the conservative movement.  For this week’s show, I brought GoProud Chairman & Co-Founder Chris Barron on to discuss her comments as well as the ongoing struggle to find common ground with social conservatives | Read More »

    Tammy Bruce Resigns GoProud

    Tammy Bruce, columnist, radio host & conservative gay activist, announced on her website today that she will resign her position as advisory board member to GoProud. I want to let you know that after being a supporter and serving as Chair of the Advisory Board since May of 2010, I gave Chris Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia my resignation Saturday night. If you search GOProud here | Read More »

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    GoProud Dissent Among the Ranks

    There appears to be more fallout as a result of the recent remarks made by GoProud Chairman Chris Barron in which he referred to ACU Foundation Chairman Cleta Mitchell as a “nasty bigot.” Barron later apologized for the remark after raising the ire of newly selected ACU chair Al Cardenas who indicated the possibility that the organization may distance themselves from GoProud. Said Cardenas: “I | Read More »

    The Party is Over

    “I am sorry that I’m the guy that has to be here at the time when the party’s over.”  That’s a quote from Governor Chris Christie in response to a state employed police officer who was angry at potentially losing future raises as well as being asked to contribute more to his health benefits in order to close huge budget deficits in New Jersey.  The | Read More »

    Reagan was the man; Obama is a sham

    In this episode of Renewing America, I look back at 30 years of the leftist controlled media trying to redefine one of our greatest presidents into the bumbling idiot they wished he was through audio clips that you have to hear to believe.  In addition, I take a look at how the media treated Obama in contrast and provide brilliant commentary to fill you in | Read More »

    Jeffrey Immelt and Conflict of Interests

    When the stimulus passed just two short years ago, a lot of special interests piled on to try and grab some of the dough that was being doled out. General Electric was part of that group. From American Spectator: On February 17th of that year, Obama had signed the stimulus bill, which included $24.9 million in grants that would flow directly to GE, with roughly $20 billion | Read More »

    How Much of Your Money Can an 800 Pound Gorilla Spend?

    As much as it wants to. via Citizens United We’re sitting at $14 Trillion in debt now.  I think Congress might need to come up with something better than sitting together.

    Unions Sue Nikki Haley in Her First Week in Office

    Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina and Redstate Gathering attendee, has barely stepped foot into office and the AFL-CIO has deemed fit to use their dues to sue her for expressing her intent to prevent job-killing unions from invading South Carolina which incidentally is a right to work state. The Governor’s response is refreshingly honest and bold as she essentially tells them to shove their | Read More »

    No Republican Should Sit Next to Rep. Steve Cohen

    In 2009 we were entering into a post-partisan world filled with the promise of ending the bickering and getting down to the business of running the world’s greatest economy. Unfortunately, it turned out that the new President’s idea of the country’s “business” was a government takeover of healthcare, suing sovereign states for wanting to be sovereign, circumventing the Congress to appoint powerful czars in charge of entire industries, | Read More »

    Repeal Obamacare (Video)

    A quick reminder from Heritage of how bad government involved healthcare already is and how much worse it will get if we don’t repeal what’s coming down the pike.

    Dupnik Refudiated in President’s Speech (Video)

    Jonathan Martin at Politco has an article out today that puts it’s sights attention on Sarah Palin again.  This time it is for not being as totally awesome as President Obama who gave a stirring and emotional speech at the otherwise unfortunately inappropriate memorial service.  From Politico: At sunrise in the East on Wednesday, Sarah Palin demonstrated that she has little interest — or capacity — in | Read More »

    The Left Puts a Bullseye on the Right

    If this weekend has taught us anything politically, it’s that the left is not interested in facts. Once a template has been established, no amount of evidence is going to usurp their idea of how and why certain events have transpired. After the Discovery Channel hostage situation, Media Matters grabbed the mantle of leadership and advised against jumping to conclusions: Today they have some more | Read More »

    Repeal of the Job-Killing Health Care Act will NOT Increase the Deficit

    According to the MSM, repeal of Obamacare would have detrimental effects on the economy. Via Reuters: In a preliminary estimate of legislation the House is set to begin debating on Friday, the CBO said repealing the law that President Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats enacted would “increase federal budget deficits over the 2012-2019 period by a total of roughly $145 billion (93 billion pounds).” | Read More »