Donald Trump Wants the Government to Take Your Stuff

Donald Trump Wants the Government to Take Your Stuff

Well, here goes Fox News treating Donald Trump unfairly(?). This is your GOP frontrunner. He is okay with your government seizing your property for "job development." You get what ...

Senator Elizabeth Warren Reestablishes The Old Massachusetts Custom of Witch-Hunting

When Joe Biden decided he wanted to run for President in 2016, he wanted a running mate who was at least as inventive as he was. By inventive, I of course mean, derivative, phony and disingenuous. You don’t get more disingenuous than Elizabeth “Senator Lieawatha” Warren. Thus, it should shock nobody that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) 16% is on the short bus, | Read More »

Esquire: All Class, All the Time

Esquire has what appears to be a thought-provocative, intelligent piece up at their website (warning: language). It concerns Bobby Jindal and a little rant he posted both here and on his own site. It also appears the writer of the Esquire post is inciting a rather intimate type of violence against the governor. There is actually so little substance to the post that I can’t even | Read More »

Ted Cruz finds a question that the Sierra Club DARED not answer.

The moral of this particular story is: don’t send somebody up against a Senate Judiciary subcommittee unless you’re prepared to answer the simplest of questions.

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Renee Ellmers Has No Business Investigating Planned Parenthood

By all accounts, the House committee hearings on Planned Parenthood last week were an abject failure. The Members who were part of the investigatory panel were ill prepared, completely ceded the ground on the video, and wandered aimlessly through the hearings without scoring a single substantive point. Particularly embarrassing was the performance of Members like Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) 81%, who used | Read More »

The Russian infringement of Turkish airspace is bigger than it seems

One of the many dangers of the grotesque lack of leadership shown by the Obama administration is that it gets a lot of people killed and raises the risk of a multi-national armed conflict breaking out for not particular policy end. This is not a case of Napoleon’s dictum about it being necessary to break eggs to make an omelet. Rather this what the Obama | Read More »

Hillary Clinton’s First TV Ad is Horrible and Defensive

Hillary Clinton has released her first national TV ad, and the ad’s concept is horrible. Luckily for Clinton, the execution is also very bad. Imagine for a second that you are on Team Clinton. Your candidate came into this election season as the prohibitive favorite to take the White House. The struggle you have right now is that people don’t really like her. When asked | Read More »

“Banned books” are a lie told by leftists to feel good about themselves

A banned book is a serious matter. There have been books banned in US history. For example, a number of cities banned Elmer Gantry. Further, the federal government at times banned materials in the District of Columbia under the Federal Anti-Obscenity Act, which was better known for banning the use of the US Postal Service to send obscene materials. Those bannings, while rare, did happen. | Read More »

The Democratic Desultory Debate Disaster reminds us that Elections Have Consequences.

The current Democratic debate structure tells you a lot about how bad things are for Democrats on the state and Congressional level right now.

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Putin’s Growing Influence in the Middle East

On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Rob Tracinski to discuss the rise of Vladimir Putin in the Middle East, then Kevin Burgess talks about the need for more accountability from NFL refs, and Matt Lewis discusses the race for Speaker and the 2016 Democrat field.

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