Obamacare Lives: Senate Republicans Want to Punish You For Not Buying Health Insurance

Jim Jamitis

As legislators await a Congressional Budget Office accounting of House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s new “secret” healthcare bill — written behind closed doors and revealed last Thursday — big players with a vested interest are coming out and lambasting the bill before it’s even been scored. The American Medical Association, one of the nation’s largest healthcare lobbying groups, even went so far Monday to say the bill ALREADY violates | Read More »


Not very many details on this, but it is coming out over the wires right now: a bus exploded in Paris after bystanders reported seeing it in flames. Bus Explosion Reported In Paris Here's What We Know: https://t.co/fsxxvHgk1S pic.twitter.com/0Jmug8ji2Y — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) June 26, 2017 A bus was engulfed in flames after witnesses reported an explosion in the Tremblay section of Paris Monday. Video posted online | Read More »

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