How #Cuckservative reminds me of #BlackLivesMatter

How #Cuckservative reminds me of #BlackLivesMatter

#Cuckservative Tries To Be #BlackLivesMatter In many respects, the Alternative Right is a pale imitation of an effective and meaningful political movement. The blogging community that ...

Plunder & Deceit is Out TODAY

Mark Levin has a new book out called Plunder and Deceit. It may not be exactly what you expected, but it is exactly what you need. Actually, I’m not exaggerating about that. I have been wondering as the culture shifts what I need to be thinking about in relation to my kids’ ethics, morals, and values. We have a shelf of Dobson at home and | Read More »

The Private Sector Giveth – and Government Taketh Away

It is – sadly, always – a clash of two titans. The private sector and government. There are claims made that it is – or can be – a symbiotic relationship. The free market and government – walking hand-in-hand into a brighter tomorrow. But it is never symmetrical – it is always adversarial. In large part because it isn’t a fair fight. The government gets | Read More »

Marco Rubio’s Campaign Must Adapt or Die

On paper, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 92% has been checking all the right boxes lately. He opposed the disastrous Iran Deal. When asked about the Planned Parenthood video, he had an appropriate quip about how silly it is for everyone to focus on Cecil the Lion when this is going on beneath all our noses. There’s no specific area where [mc_name name=’Sen. | Read More »

Trump Triumphant

Whether you like Donald Trump or not is irrelevant. On Thursday, Donald Trump will appear on a Presidential debate stage with nine other Americans out of more than 300 million people. The nine candidates who will be on stage with Trump still have not figured out how to deal with Trump. Maybe by Thursday they will. The way to deal with Trump is to speak | Read More »

Tech at Night: Catching up before the Gathering

So the Red State Gathering is this week, and it’s going to be fun. Hopefully you’re coming. Since Wednesday night I’ll be packing to go, and Friday I’ll be in Atlanta, so this is probably the one shot I have this week to look over Tech news, so let’s go.

Mitch McConnell Must Never Be Elected Again

Let me prefix my next few sentences by pointing out: I am not the executive editor of Redstate and I cannot unilaterally set or change policy for this site.  So what I write here is simply my own personal opinion and not necessarily that of this station or its leadership. After today’s latest episode of McConnell-sponsored GOP Failure Theater, there is only one conclusion to | Read More »

These Senators Voted to Force You to Pay for Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Harvesting Business

A radical pro-abortion minority of the Senate just voted to continue forcing you to fund Planned Parenthood’s abortion and baby harvesting business.

You need to know who they are.

Read More »

Commence Act 3 of the GOP’s Planned Parenthood Failure Theater

Imagine our surprise. The standalone bill that Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) 58% promised as a sop to the dumb pro-lifers failed, exactly like everyone knew it would, exactly as it was designed to do. There was literally no way McConnell was ever going to get six Democrats to sign on to the bill, or to get it past an Obama veto, without | Read More »

Coming to a market near you: increased food costs, thanks to California bureaucrats

My native California is suffering the single worst recorded drought in the state’s history. Today, the drought crisis is so severe the some municipal governments are facing the prospect of no water at all. Literally none. Now, it might be easy and maybe even a little emotionally satisfying for you to disregard this as the Golden State’s singular problem. Don’t. Most of the vegetables, fruits | Read More »







  • #rsrh Obama loves to intervene when he doesn't like a government policy. Therefore he MUST like this one:
  • #rsrh I tremble for the Republic.:
  • #rsrh This Minnesota Lt. Governor / @PPAct story needs further research, I think.:
  • RT @moelane: #rsrh The wicked and vicious plot by LIBRE to oppress Hispanics by having them get GEDs.:
  • RT @moelane: #rsrh The wicked and vicious plot by LIBRE to oppress Hispanics by having them get GEDs.:
  • #rsrh The wicked and vicious plot by LIBRE to oppress Hispanics by having them get GEDs.:
  • #rsrh Don't be afraid to get it wrong.:
  • #rsrh Secularists continue their Magical Tin-Ear PR Tour in Detroit, Michigan.:
  • #rsrh Tweet of the Day, Who Wants Some Good News in FL-SEN? edition.:



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