Ted Cruz And John Kasich Deny They Have An Alliance Because They Don’t

Must be a slow news day. Ted Cruz and John Kasich were accused of breaching an alliance that never existed.

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BREAKING: Mike Pence Officially Makes His Endorsement

This is huge news. Pence is universally known in Indiana and is by far the biggest Republican name in the state.

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New Indiana Poll Shows Virtual Tie for First Place

A new Indiana poll has just been released by the Republican polling firm Clout Research, and it shows a virtual tie for the top spot.

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Rick Perry is CONFIRMED for #RSG16 – Are you?

The program for #RSG16 is heating up, and RedState is pleased to announce that regular attendee and fan favorite Rick Perry has confirmed that he will attend the RedState Gathering in 2016 – have you already confirmed your attendance? Order your ticket now and get special pricing on both the event and the hotel. Enjoy the opportunity to meet with your favorite conservative office holders and candidates, | Read More »

Donald Trump Touts the Endorsement of an Infamous Convicted Indianapolis Rapist

During the course of a campaign stop yesterday, Donald Trump touted the endorsement of the most high profile convicted rapist in Indianapolis history.

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BREAKING: Gov. Mike Pence rumored to Make his Endorsement Today on Greg Garrison show.

Mike Pence might be about to make an endorsement announcement today.

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Carly Fiorina Responds to John Boehner’s “Despicable” Comments About Ted Cruz (AUDIO)

Carly Fiorina was on the Hugh Hewitt show this morning, and showed why she has value to Cruz quite apart from having reset the news cycle. She is probably the best and most media savvy attack dog who was available on the market, and she showed it today. You can listen to the whole interview here, and there’s a transcript of the relevant portion below: HH: | Read More »

John Kasich Goes Full Pander Bear To Gay Californians

John Kasich Goes Full Pander Bear To Gay Californians

Because… tolerance. ...

Donald Trump: We Gotta Have Party Unity, but I don’t Need Party Unity

In case you were under the delusion that Donald Trump had any interest in striking a conciliatory tone, or making any legitimate effort to heal the breach that he has caused in the Republican party with his boorish behavior and ignorance of the basic issues, think again. Maybe it has something to do with the size of his hands, but Trump is simply genetically incapable | Read More »

TARGET STOCK IN TOILET: Boycott Passes 1 Million As Corporate Losses Pass $2.5 BILLION!

The above screenshot is from the AFA website, where the Boycott Target Pledge has now surpassed a million signers. After the news broke recently about Target’s preposterous policy of allowing any man to use the women’s restroom for any reason (and vice versa), which they masqueraded as “inclusiveness” for “transgender” customers and staff, the backlash was fast and has not stopped growing. Videos are being | Read More »

VIDEO: Ted Cruz Responds to Anti-Trump Protests in California; This Is “Not Acceptable”

Senator Ted Cruz was asked by a reporter today for his opinion on the Donald Trump protests that took place at the California Republican Convention. He called them out for what they are.

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Glenn Beck Mocks Donald Trump By Covering His Face With Crushed-Up Cheetos [VIDEO]

Glenn Beck and his friends had some fun during Friday’s edition of “The Glenn Beck Program” radio show. Using different flavors of crushed cheetos, they tried to replicate Donald Trump’s repulsive orange hue.

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Where We Should Draw The Line On Outlawing Trans Bathrooms

It’s an odd sort of punishment to force someone to behave a certain way so you can give them more money.

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This Venezuelan beer shortage proves that Communism DOES. NOT. WORK.

How can one manage to have a beer shortage in Venezuela? Oh, right, let Commies run things.

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OUCH: Brutal New Anti-Trump TV Ad Running This Weekend in Indiana is Terrifying [VIDEO]

This new ad will be running this weekend in Indiana blasting Donald Trump. And this time, you’ll be petrified in the first sentence

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FoxNews Raises Average IQ On Outnumbered By Taking Andrea Tantaros Off the Air

In a belated attempt to raise the average IQ on Outnumbered to room temperature, Fox News has removed Andrea Tantaros from the line up

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Is the Media Inflating Trump’s Delegate Numbers?

Not so fast…

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WATCH: Protesters Bring Trump Motorcade to Halt, Force Donald to HOP BARRIER to Get To His Own Speech

The California Republican Party convention is underway in Burlingame, and the first speaker of the day is Donald Trump. Protesters were out in force, both along his route from the airport and outside and inside the hotel. San Francisco station KPIX was live from a traffic copter as Trump’s motorcade approached the hotel and caught the moments when he was diverted from the usual entrance, | Read More »

Will Ferrell Nixes Plans for Reagan Comedy

Decency prevails.

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Water Cooler 4/29/16 – Carly Fiorina – Cancer Survivor, Business Warrior, Faithful Believer

Carly Fiorina – A Warrior’s Breast Cancer Survival Story I’m going to devote this Water Cooler today to one of my real heroes in life, Carly Fiorina, and her remarkable story of courage, survival, and achievement. What many Constitutional Conservative friends of mine were unaware of is that in 2009, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and underwent chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and a double mastectomy | Read More »

Donald Trump Henchman, the Racist Nutbag Roger Stone Calls Carly Fiornia A Racist

When Carly Fiorina made the civilized statement that she didn’t think rapists were tough guys, she really made Donald Trump henchman, Roger Stone, mad. Did it hit too close to home?

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BREAKING: New Game-Changing Poll Shows Ted Cruz CLOBBERING Trump By Double Digits in Indiana!!

A new poll is out today, and the results are great news for Ted Cruz and America in general, showing Senator Cruz Trump with a double-digit lead.

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David Jolly Gets Free 60-Minutes Campaign Commercial For Bashing His Colleagues

Florida Senate hopeful David Jolly is using a favorite media subject, political fundraising, to attack other Republicans and to make himself more competitive and he gets a free campaign ad courtesy of 60 Minutes

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