AHCA Aftermath: Steve Bannon Wanted To Use The Vote To Create “Enemies List”

Susan Wright

50 Meter Motorcycle Hurdles: This is an interesting video showing a deer hurdling a motorcyclist, and it might add another positive argument to the yes side of the column for wearing a skid lid.   Socialism Paper: This is one of the best reasons that I know of to ignore socialists and work towards the promotion of the free market; it seems that they can | Read More »


Admittedly, I was more than pleasantly surprised when Judge Neil Gorsuch was chosen by President Trump to be his nominee for Supreme Court justice. Gorsuch was chosen almost a year after Justice Antonin Scalia’s death and following an intense and divisive election. The selection was a solid pick and has proven me wrong. Candidate Trump mentioned he would appoint a conservative-leaning justice. I was not | Read More »

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