President Obama Sends More Blood Money to Planned Parenthood Butchers

President Obama Sends More Blood Money to Planned Parenthood Butchers

After months of investigative videos have uncovered the legally questionable and morally reprehensible sale of murdered babies’ body parts by Planned Parenthood, President Obama is taking action. The Hill has ...

Americans are starting to drive again

Urban public transit activists have been enjoying the last 8 years. Our economic troubles affected more than just jobless rates. It turns out that Americans started driving less. A lot less. Activists took that as a sign that Americans were changing how we live, but with driving back on the rebound, it turns out people were taking the bus and the train instead of a | Read More »

Kim Davis Should Have Done This

Kim Davis, the Clerk of Rowan County, took an oath to faithfully execute the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the United States. After Anthony Kennedy ruled that gay marriage was the law of the land, Kim Davis stopped issuing marriage licenses to anyone. I think she took an oath to faithfully execute the laws and she has broken that oath. She did so | Read More »

Hillary Clinton staffer takes the Fifth

Slowly, but surely, the net encircling the Clinton Crime Family is being drawn tight. Yesterday, the Washington Post agreed with most of America: Hillary is lying about the scope of her transmission of classified information on he decidedly non-classified email server. Word has seeped out of State that Hillary’s inner circle pressured (successfully it seems) State IT personnel to be allowed to transmit classified information | Read More »

That Dead Boy is Barack Obama’s Fault

ISIS did not exist when George W. Bush left the White House. ISIS did not exist in the first few years of Barack Obama’s time in the White House. ISIS only became a thing when the White House, out of pride and arrogance, decided it was better to placate the left by withdrawing all troops from Iraq rather than help the Iraqis maintain their stability. | Read More »

How the GOP collaborates with abortion

After nearly two months of gruesome videos about how Planned Parenthood ‘clinics’ are operating like Tijuana auto chop shops, the GOP leadership says that it can’t muster the votes to defund that murderous criminal conspiracy. The GOP talks a good game. GOP politicians show up at pro-life functions (provided the right type of people are there) and they fundraise like there’s no tomorrow off their | Read More »

My Problem With Jeb Bush’s Candidacy

Kevin Williamson at National Review has written a piece about Jeb Bush in which he says Bush “was a good governor of a different era” and is not really an ideas guy. Williamson, like me, does not dislike Jeb Bush, but neither of us support him. My concern with Governor Bush, which I have told him before personally, is more esoteric. I disagree with Bush | Read More »

The Contrarian Argues. Kanye 2020 Is A Positive Thing

I have to offer you a TRIGGER WARNING (and a big, hearty NSFW) before I show you the YouTube below. I’d hate to think what it would do to special snowflakes at Columbia University who are traumatized by Ovid. Well, well, well. As Democracy degrades into Demotism, the electorate gets exactly what the salacious little buzzards utterly deserve. I mean, Kanye 2020? Playoffs? I’ll tell | Read More »

If They Won’t Fight, Destroy Them

Children had their heads cut open and their brains removed. Others were pulled, whole and intact, from freezers then carved up and sold for scrap. Brokers haggled over the prices of heads and eyes and livers and hearts. Hands and feet were tossed about. These are the things we have learned about Planned Parenthood. What we are learning now is that Republican leaders have no | Read More »

Jim Pfaff for Congress

It’s been years ago now that Jim Pfaff and I became friends. He had been writing online then took a job with Focus on the Family. He worked on the Kansas Marriage Amendment issue and then worked in radio before becoming Chief of Staff for Congressman Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) 91%. But Jim is an Indiana boy and kept wanting to go | Read More »









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