Leading With the Budget

This week the Senate will follow the House in passing a federal budget that presents a remarkable contrast in governing ability and philosophy between Republicans and Democrats. When Democrats ran ...

Stand Your Ground laws under attack

The price of the Second Amendment,like liberty, is eternal vigilance. Having lost several fights at the Supreme Court, the anti-gun left is gearing up for yet another fight over “stand your ground” (SYG)  laws. The idea behind SYG laws is pretty simple. If you are confronted by an aggressor you are not obligated to retreat. As Jorge Amstelle writing in The Daily Caller says: Let’s | Read More »

Alan Grayson (D, FL) apparently wants to assign his House seat to his girlfriend.

Alan Grayson truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

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Wrong people charged in Freddie Gray death

If you really want to understand Baltimore, you need to watch the television series The Wire. Failing that you should watch David Simon’s previous Baltimore-centric series, Homicide: Life on the Streets. In both you will encounter corruption, incompetence, and ineptness that will make you scream. Keep in mind, virtually everything you see on those shows comes from the actual experience of Baltimore police officers who | Read More »

If Baltimore is the new normal, I really don’t care

The riots in Baltimore after the untimely death of small-time criminal Freddie Gray at the hands of Baltimore police officers has set off an interesting series of commentary. For instance, this from the Huffington Post: On the Cusp of an ‘African American Spring’. This gem is from the pen of John Fitzgerald Gates, Ph.D. National Diversity Expert; Principal and Chief Strategist of Criticality Management Consulting; | Read More »

Winners and Losers From This Year’s NFL Draft

On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Josh Zerkle to discuss last weekend’s NFL Draft, which teams did the best and who will be the star fantasy player from this draft.

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H1B Visas and The Magical Outsourcing Of Disney

Snow White Before and After Disney Ate The H1B Apple You can wish upon a star. It doesn’t matter who you are. Unless, of course, you work IT and are a US citizen instead of an H1B visa-holder. In that case, Cinderella, me so sowwy. Your carriage just turned into a pumpkin and the title company is about to foreclose because | Read More »

What’s Actually Going On

I encounter people all the time who scratch their heads wondering how a bunch of leftwing nuts who believe you can pick your gender are attacking Americans who criticize Islam. These left-wing types who pound their chests over a “war on women” in the United States are perfectly willing to turn a blind eye to Islamic harassment of women, even in the United States. They | Read More »

#Gotham Season One: The Long Game

As our Dear Leader will not have had a chance to see the season finale of Gotham yet, I will refrain from posting spoilers. When it was first announced that there was going to be a series on Fox that would serve as a “pre-Batman Gotham City story,” I was somewhat skeptical. As RedState’s Foremost Batman Expert and DC Comics optimist, however, I was sure | Read More »

Shocking news: Obamacare still degrading Emergency Room Care.

Spoiler warning: it’s not shocking at all.

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