If The ACHA Fails To Pass, The House Freedom Caucus Is Not To Blame

Jay Caruso
Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks during a news conference, Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016, in Austin, Texas. The felony prosecution against Perry ended Wednesday when the state's highest criminal court dismissed an abuse-of-power indictment that the Republican says hampered his short-lived 2016 presidential bid. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Sensationlized headlines obstruct the truth.


They are bound and determined to make “Chelsea Clinton” a thing. One LA Times writer, Ann Friedman is upset that “like her mother, Chelsea Clinton can’t get a break”. I wish I were joking. Friedman wrote an op-ed for the LA Times, bemoaning the unfair treatment Chelsea Clinton has received recently. This piece she claims was in response to the media reaction to a “Lifetime | Read More »

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