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    Blackburn: ‘America Deserves Better Than Abortion’

    Blackburn: 'America Deserves Better Than Abortion'

    On January 4th, Congressman Marsha Blackburn introduced the first pro-life bill in the House for the 113th Congress.  The Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act (H.R. 61) seeks to prevent the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) from giving more money to abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood.  In her statement, Blackburn points out that, in 2010, Planned Parenthood received over $340 million from | Read More »

    Responding to Russia’s Adoption Ban

    Responding to Russia's Adoption Ban

    Before the fiscal cliff nightmare came to a head, families across the globe were celebrating the holidays; thoughts of politics being far from the minds of many.  Spending extra time with family is often one of the beloved highlights of the holiday break.  Yet for so many families in the United States, this past season was heartbreaking.  46 families in particular were forced to focus on | Read More »

    Inauguration 2013: Faith in Obama

    While discussions in Washington are focused on the fiscal cliff, the White House is looking ahead to spending a record amount of money on a three day celebration.  Inauguration day will fall on a Sunday in the new year, meaning the President’s official swearing-in will be a small, private ceremony as is tradition.  The President has called for a day of service the day before | Read More »

    VIDEO: Ed Asner – Truth or Truther?

    If you’re still one of the few left wondering why California is such a fiscal disaster, it may be in part because they spend their money on videos like this.  Tax The Rich: An Animated Fairy Tale is the newest attempt by the left to blame every problem in America on the wealthy.  The video is paid for by the California Federation of Teachers, which | Read More »

    Changing The Conversation

    Changing The Conversation

    Recently, speaking to a television station in Macon, Georgia, Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) said, “I care more about my country than I do about a 20-year-old pledge.”  The Americans for Tax Reform pledge, by Grover Norquist, was signed by almost every Republican in Congress including Chambliss.  His reversal on supporting the pledge not to raise taxes shone the spotlight on Chambliss as the latest Republican to | Read More »

    VIDEO: Thomas Ricks Rolls Fox News

    Thomas Ricks, author of The Generals, recently appeared on Fox News to discuss the Benghazi terror attack and ostensibly to shed light on his book that has been slipping in sales. Jon Scott, the host, began by asking Ricks’ opinion on the controversial pick by President Obama of Susan Rice to serve as the new Secretary of State. Ricks, however, had his own agenda and | Read More »

    The Benghazi-Syria Connection

    The Benghazi-Syria Connection

    * Events listed in Benghazi time. September 11, 2012, 8:30 PM: U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.  All is quiet, Ambassador Chris Stevens has recently finished a meeting with the Turkish consul general. 9:40 – 9:42 PM: Alarms sound, indicating something is wrong.  The compound is under attack.  A senior State Department security officer at the consulate calls for assistance from the CIA base located less | Read More »

    New Foreign Policy

    New Foreign Policy

    Now that Obama has won reelection, news of how he plans to run his new administration has been springing forth fast and furiously.  Despite alluding to a time of peace in his reelection speech last week, the latest on foreign policy going forward indicates otherwise.  Like so many other issues, the new foreign policy agenda would have been nice to know before the election.  According | Read More »


    I’ve always been fascinated with numbers in the Bible.  I suppose it’s the reliability of numbers that offer me consolation and inspiration.  One cannot change numbers.  2 + 2 will always equal 4.  My next birthday won’t be the number 29 no matter how I wish it to be.  God certainly has a thing for certain numbers and I look forward to asking Him about | Read More »


    Okay, not really. It’s a difficult morning to be sure, but it’s not the end of the world. As Erick wrote early this morning, we’ve really only maintained the status quo. In order to assess the future, we must reassess the past. How did we end up relatively close to where we were four years ago? Much time will be spent pouring over the results.  Who | Read More »


    New Black Panthers Up To Old Tricks?

    New Black Panthers Up To Old Tricks?

    Fox News is reporting this morning that the New Black Panthers have made another appearance at the polls in Pennsylvania.  You may recall that they made an appearance in 2008 and were upset that someone brought a camera to a billy club fight. Now they’re back, albeit a little sunnier this time and sans weaponry.  The marked change in appearance is enough to make one | Read More »

    If It Fits The Narrative…

    Last night, an estimated 30,000 people attended a rally for Mitt Romney in Morrisville, PA.  It wasn’t the crowd size that made the news however, as Romney’s rallies have consistently drawn thousands, it was the excited tweets from Jackie Kucinich, of USA Today, who was also in attendance at the rally.  According to Kucinich, there was a hostage situation… kind of… and then not really. | Read More »

    Rep. Keith Ellison Out of Control

    Democrat Representative Keith Ellison currently serves Minnesota’s 5th congressional district as the first Muslim ever to be elected to Congress. Previously there have been questions concerning his potential ties to radical Islam, but as voters take to the polls Tuesday they may want to consider his behavior of late. During a recent radio interview with his Republican challenger, Chris Fields, Ellison twice called his opponent | Read More »

    Politicizing Tragedy

    Politicizing Tragedy

    As Americans woke this morning, they were met with news of the destruction left by Hurricane Sandy across the East; that is if they have any power.  Over 7 million homes are without power in the wake of the storm.  As it raged through the night, a hospital was forced to evacuate when their backup generator failed, water poured into the subways in New York | Read More »

    Ukraine Election Success

    Yesterday Ukraine successfully held their most democratic elections in the history of their young independence.  Observers from around the globe dispersed throughout the country and reported overall success in the election of 450 new members to Ukraine’s parliament.  In the weeks leading up to the election, the recent change to election law and past issues of corruption were the topics of many debates.  Coverage by | Read More »