Senate Democrats have done what Harry Reid said would be the end of the Senate

    Under the leadership of Harry Reid, and with the blessing of President Obama, Senate Democrats actually nuked the filibuster.

    According to Chris Cillizza, Sean Sullivan, the issue that Reid saw as important enough to do something he said would change the U.S. Senate forever is the confirmation of three nominees to the U.S. Court of Appeals – D.C. Circuit:

    This time around, Democrats have pushed three nominees to the crucial D.C. circuit court, which handles most of the critical cases on interpreting federal law. The Rs say the court — which tilts toward GOP-appointed judges at the moment — doesn’t need any more judges. And McCain’s gang of GOP senators agreed, blocking all 3 of Obama’s nominees.

    Some see these nominees as an effort to pack the court after a series of decisions Obama did not like.

    The issue was similar last July when Reid and company convinced the Republicans to capitulate on President Obama’s terrible nominees to the National Labor Relations Board. In tricking the Republicans into approving numerous nominees the Democrats promised they were “not touching judges.”

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    New lows for Obama and ObamaCare

    A new CBS News poll finds that approvals for both President Obama and his signature legislation, ObamaCare, have “plunged” to record lows.

    Obama’s disapproval rating is now 57 percent. That is the highest disapproval CBS News Polls has ever found for Obama. Worse, only 37% now approve of Obama’s performance as president. That is the lowest approval rating of his presidency, and down from 46% in October — a nine-point drop in just one month.

    Obama’s approval rating dropped by 9% among men, 10% among women and by 11% among Independents.

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    Citizen journalists learn about school choice

    Matt Ladner at the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity Milwaukee School Choice Conference, November 13, 2013. Image Credit – Brian Jodice This weekend I, along with Breeanne and Ben Howe, was privileged to participate in the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity’s conference on school choice in Milwaukee. The Franklin Center brought together 30 bloggers from around the country. | Read More »

    Are Illinois politicians beyond redemption?

    Political scandals are not exclusive to any one state – but Illinois seems to have perfected it. In fact, if you type “Illinois gov” into Google and the search engine auto-completes with “illinois gov jail.” And for good reason – four of the state’s past seven governors have been sent to the big house, culminating in Governor Rod Blagojevich’s high-profile attempt to sell a departing | Read More »

    Kerry was for boots on the ground before he was against them

    During yesterday’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the possible authorization of U.S. military action against the Syrian government, Secretary of State John Kerry got tripped up once again with his tendency to be consistently inconsistent. Kerry was asked by the Committee Chairman, New Jersey’s Democrat Senator Bob Menendez, whether the administration would accept a prohibition against having American boots on the ground. In response, | Read More »

    More than a million people sign petition to defund ObamaCare

    As of Labor Day morning, more than a million people have signed the “Don’t Fund It [ObamCare]” petition. This is an incredible accomplishment by Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, former Senator Jim DeMint and Heritage Action, and the Senate Conservatives Fund. Senator Cruz has given speech, after speech, after speech encouraging the people to speak out in favor of defunding ObamaCare: I can’t win | Read More »

    Obama’s small business rubber stamp not so good at paying taxes, debts

    In revelations that would be comical if they weren’t so predictable (and true), President Obama’s top small business advocate really is keeping it consistent with the administration he backs. Small Business Majority President and CEO John Arensmeyer has frequently been trotted all over the place as a small business advocate supportive of the president’s agenda and policy goals. In a Huffington Post piece last year | Read More »

    Gov. Chris Christie signs gay conversion therapy ban

    Gov. Chris Christie signs gay conversion therapy ban New Jersey’s Gov. Chris Christie has signed legislation barring licensed therapists from trying to turn gay teenagers straight. According to the Associated Press, in a signing note Christie said the health risks of trying to change a child’s sexual orientation outweigh concerns over the government setting limits on parental choice: Government should tread carefully into this area | Read More »

    Liz Cheney calls on Enzi to return special ObamaCare subsidy

    Yesterday, Republican Senate Candidate Liz Cheney called on Senator Mike Enzi to commit to return his taxpayer-funded ObamaCare subsidy to the U.S. Treasury and to convince his Senate colleagues to do so, as well. Tuesday Cheney called on Senator Mike Enzi and other elected officials to renounce special treatment that they will now receive under ObamaCare. As we previously reported, two weeks ago President Obama | Read More »

    The people support defunding ObamaCare

    A new Heritage Action poll finds broad support for defunding ObamaCare: Likely voters support defunding 57%-34%. Among those with strong opinions on either side, those who “strongly support” defunding outnumbered those who “strongly oppose” defunding by a 41%-22% margin, signifying much greater intensity among opponents of the law. Independents, support for defunding 57%-34%, exactly mirroring the result in the overall sample. A large majority, 77% | Read More »

    The Workforce Fairness Institute launches Union Boss of the Year contest

    The Workforce Fairness Institute (“WFI”), an organization that works to stop big labor’s harmful encroachment on the workplace, has launched its Union Boss of the Year contest. Every few days, WFI will add a Union Boss of the Year contestant on its Facebook page. You can vote for your favorite boss by liking and sharing the image. The boss that gets the most shares and | Read More »


    It’s up to you to stop ObamaCare

    At the RedState Gathering in New Orleans on Friday, Sen. Ted Cruz called for a grassroots effort to persuade Republicans to eliminate funding for President Obama’s health care law. Or as he put it, the “biggest and the most important battle 113th Congress is going to face” — the battle to defund ObamaCare. Senator Cruz told the gathering of Conservative activists that the best way | Read More »

    Democrats obsessed with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

    Is the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) gunning for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell? They are obsessed with McConnell and apparently want him very badly. They spend all day every day taking shots at McConnell. Don’t take my word for it. Look at the facts. Consider the DSCC twitter feed as well as those of the DSCC’s Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director and National Press | Read More »

    Even Democrats are giving up on ObamaCare

    Scott Clement, a survey research analyst with Capital Insight — the independent polling group of Washington Post Media, reports that a new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that even Democrats, at least those who are Moderate or Conservative have turned against ObamaCare. According to Clement, only 46 percent of Moderate or Conservative Democrats now support ObamaCare. That’s down 11 percent in the past year and | Read More »

    American Commitment Action Fund hits the Cory Booker charade

    The Democrats’ candidates in the primary for the New Jersey U.S. Senate seat aren’t the only ones releasing campaign ads. American Commitment Action Fund, a conservative SuperPAC, is launching a video which effectively throws cold water on the pretense of Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s Corey Senate Campaign’s claims of accomplishment. The new ad, made by RedState’s own Ben Howe, does so by showing the real | Read More »