Paul Dragu is a freelance writer from Gainesville, Georgia. His work has been published in faith-based magazines, Chicken Soup anthology, and he's also the collaborative author of a memoir coming out in mar. '16 (ELevate Pub.) For more on Paul, visit, or write to him at


    Gun-Free Zones Like The Walking Dead

    “Will the Muslim extremist hiding out in this country, waiting for his opportunity, throw his firearms away when more gun-control is enacted? Will the thugs in crime-infested Detroit, Chicago , or Baltimore put theirs away when the fuehrer signs the next bill? Did the shooters in Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, and Umpqua Community College obey the gun-free zone signs?”

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    Abortion: the Issue that Determines the Rest

    “From Genesis to Revelation, God makes it clear that fewer issues are more important to Him than justice for the poor and defenseless. Who is more dependent that a beating heart inside the mother’s womb?”

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