TARGET STOCK IN TOILET: Boycott Passes 1 Million As Corporate Losses Pass $2.5 BILLION!

The above screenshot is from the AFA website, where the Boycott Target Pledge has now surpassed a million signers. After the news broke recently about Target’s preposterous policy of allowing any man to use the women’s restroom for any reason (and vice versa), which they masqueraded as “inclusiveness” for “transgender” customers and staff, the backlash was fast and has not stopped growing. Videos are being | Read More »

VIDEO: Ted Cruz Responds to Anti-Trump Protests in California; This Is “Not Acceptable”

Senator Ted Cruz was asked by a reporter today for his opinion on the Donald Trump protests that took place at the California Republican Convention. He called them out for what they are.

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Glenn Beck Mocks Donald Trump By Covering His Face With Crushed-Up Cheetos [VIDEO]

Glenn Beck and his friends had some fun during Friday’s edition of “The Glenn Beck Program” radio show. Using different flavors of crushed cheetos, they tried to replicate Donald Trump’s repulsive orange hue.

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Where We Should Draw The Line On Outlawing Trans Bathrooms

It’s an odd sort of punishment to force someone to behave a certain way so you can give them more money.

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This Venezuelan beer shortage proves that Communism DOES. NOT. WORK.

How can one manage to have a beer shortage in Venezuela? Oh, right, let Commies run things.

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OUCH: Brutal New Anti-Trump TV Ad Running This Weekend in Indiana is Terrifying [VIDEO]

This new ad will be running this weekend in Indiana blasting Donald Trump. And this time, you’ll be petrified in the first sentence

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FoxNews Raises Average IQ On Outnumbered By Taking Andrea Tantaros Off the Air

In a belated attempt to raise the average IQ on Outnumbered to room temperature, Fox News has removed Andrea Tantaros from the line up

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#NeverTrump Is Not New And Andrew Breitbart Knew Trump Was A Fraud

#NeverTrump Is Not New And Andrew Breitbart Knew Trump Was A Fraud

It’s hard to tell whether or not #NeverTrump is just a social media sensation or if it will result in a contested convention that sees Donald Trump being shown the ...

Yes, Donald Trump Would Be Worse Than Any Prior Republican Nominee

My reasons for not voting for Donald Trump, even in a general election against Hillary Clinton, are straightforward. Trump is not with me on any issue I care about, would be a terrible and unstable Commander-in-Chief, and would discredit and poison the party and the movement I believe in. Why on earth would I give my vote to him, ever? One of the standard questions | Read More »

Delegate Allocation Watch: Ken Cuccinelli beats out Paul Manafort in Virginia.

Ted Cruz ensures that another ten delegates in Virginia (out of thirteen) are ultimately loyal to *him*.

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Old And Busted: Donald Trump Wins On First Ballot. New Hotness: A Scorched Earth Convention

There is no reason why the GOP should allow Donald Trump to have the nomination no matter how many delegates he shows up with.

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Shows Indiana Gov. Mike Pence How To Make An Endorsement

Sometimes it takes a Badger to do work Hoosiers just won’t do. Scott Walker delivered a ringing endorsement of Ted Cruz in Indiana, something Governor Mike Pence would not do.

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Keep Cheerleaders Hot

Any blasphemous materials that encourages being fit and hot must be ridiculed, complained about, and hopefully burned. So sayeth the church of feminism.

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The current state of play for the Colorado Senate Republican primary.

In which I try to give you an idea of who is running for Senate in Colorado’s Republican primary.

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Jon Huntsman Joins the Trump Train So John Kasich Isn’t Far Behind

Utah’s human weathervane, Jon Huntsman, is now aboard the Trump Train: “We’ve had enough intraparty fighting. Now’s the time to stitch together a winning coalition,” said Jon Huntsman, the former governor of Utah. “And it’s been clear almost from the beginning that Donald Trump has the ability to assemble a nontraditional bloc of supporters. … The ability to cut across traditional party boundaries — like | Read More »

The Best Tasting, Finest, Largest, Most Flavorful Donald Trump Video Yet, ‘Believe Me’

Donald Trump likes to sell. He sells his name and his brand, which is not an inherently bad thing. IF you have a good product. But we have a long American tradition of mocking and ridiculing the salesmen for crap products. Here’s a new Heatstreet video that upholds that time-honored practice: Trump is a flim-flam man. He does his selling in the most predictable way | Read More »

NC Governor McCrory Doubles Down On Purpose For Bathroom Bill

Biology doesn’t care about your outrage.

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Water Cooler 4/30/2016 OPEN THREAD – Trump, Anti-Trump and #NeverTrump

   SiriusXM and the Republican Convention SiriusXM, in expectation of Donald Trump Reality Radio (SiriusXM is calling it “Convention Radio,” but none are fooled), will provide “gavel to gavel” coverage of Cleveland live from the convention floor. Although the Republican Convention isn’t officially called to order until Monday, July 18th, the plan is to promote the weekend prior as “Prelude to The Convention” programming. “Our | Read More »

Is Indiana Mike Pence Really This Much Of A P***y?

It is pretty ironic that in Pence’s endorsement that he proclaimed this was “a time to choose” and yet at a critical juncture for his nation and party, Mike Pence is reported to have come within a gnat’s whisker of voting “present.”

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KKK Leader Hates Ted Cruz, Endorses Donald Trump: ‘What He Believes In, We Believe In.’ [VIDEO]

In Virginia, NBC affiliate WWBT ran an investigation into the local KKK after fliers were circulated in the area recruiting new members. As part of their coverage, the station interviewed the “Imperial Wizard of the Rebel Brigade Knights of the Ku Klux Klan” who, in making the case that they are not a hate group, volunteered that they are more political than anything. This lead | Read More »

Donald Trump Wins Key Ku Klux Klan Endorsement (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has often said that he is a uniter and the evidence now seems strongly in his favor. He is unifying a critical core constituency for his campaign: neo-nazis, skinheads, klansmen, white supremacists, and racists of all types and colors.

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John Kasich Goes Full Pander Bear To Gay Californians

Because… tolerance.

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Donald Trump: We Gotta Have Party Unity, but I don’t Need Party Unity

In case you were under the delusion that Donald Trump had any interest in striking a conciliatory tone, or making any legitimate effort to heal the breach that he has caused in the Republican party with his boorish behavior and ignorance of the basic issues, think again. Maybe it has something to do with the size of his hands, but Trump is simply genetically incapable | Read More »








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